fraud and damged my credit score with false data maintenance and harrashment


i purchased washing machine on 31 oct 2021 .the login person from HDB who created my loam account in SONOVISION kakinada shop he saif my first EMI starts from 2 nd dec 2021 . but HDB staeted calling and threatng me in calls the 2nd nov em not paid i told then i purchased 31st oct 2021 as u said one month not complete and me first EMI starts from 2 nd dec 2021 and i raised complaint to senior manager f HDB in online to consumer forum and kaimda branch manager but n reply ifor mail and no respinse with santosh and jameel who i had conversation in call from the number i got call . an di also aked then if r right from u r side why u not deducted amount from the bacnk i have money in that .they simply saying technical issue. and i explain so many times through mails and in calls no action taken still making calls and threatening me a lot

they damaged by CIBIL Score which i am maintaining very good above 760 now this HDB due their false data and false approach they damaged my CIBIL . i am requesting you to take necessary action on chenai HDB executives
mr prasanth , mr santosh ,mr jameel and HBD management .please provide the justice for me which lost my cibil score and they torchured me a lot by making calls and sending massgaes

please take necessary action in these HDB

Bala subrahmanyeswararao.E


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