Forging Documents by increasing rates in Property documents

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

It has been observed that you help innocent people like us who are cheated by property dealers. I am one of those victims, my property agent has cheated me of atleast 1 lac rupees. Please find details of my episode with fraud Unicon Real estate agents and Property Junction Realtors Pvt Ltd.
Here goes my story:

I have booked flat of 1895 sq. feet in Ansal Housing Sector-86, Gurgaon under customer code R0105-Ritesh Talwar through Unicon Real Estates Private Limited Sector-14, Gurgaon /Property Junction Realtors Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon.
At that time UNICON has given me 4.5 % discount on Basic Price of 3495 per sq. feet and mentioned 3340 per sq. feet in my Application as a basic rate and balance of Rs 6000 promised to issue as a credit note i.e the total 4.5 % on the basic price of the builder (3495 sq feet).
We have received letter dated 30/04/2012 from Ansal Housing mentioned as 3390.15 as basic rate given as 3% discount mentioning the payment plan schedule and we found UNICON/Property Junction has changed our rate to 3390 per sq feet without my knowledge by forging the document when they submitted the form to Ansal Housing.
Since there is the difference in the rate mentioned and what we signed at Unicon office sector 14, Gurgaon.
We took the matter with Sh. Ram Gupta (CEO) & Sh. Aditya Verma(AVP) of UNICON Real Estate Private Limited.
Based on the subsequent mail exchanges ,telephonic calls and meetings for almost 3 years, they redirected us to Property Junction Realtors Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon.
We approached Property Junction and they say get a letter issued from UNICON in which it is mentioned that 1.5% commission should be given to us and we will issue you the cheque.
Now UNICON/Property Junction people are neither responding to our mails / Phone calls and making us run here and there and wasting our time for no fault of ours. it has caused a lot of harassment to us.
Its completely a case of fraud on the part of UNICON/Property Junction ,

It is our earnest request yo kindly help us and highlight their fraud at various platforms.
We shall be very thankful for your cooperation in this matter.


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