For qualify ongoing nokia anniversary- 2010

Location/place: BIDADI

Name of company/service: LIC HFL HOUSING FINANCE LTD

Dear sir, Iam Ravi K C, my mob no:9844071594 is qualify the ONGOING NOKIA ANNIVERSARY-2010. please claim the amount put into this account no:01331050149704.


8 responses to “For qualify ongoing nokia anniversary- 2010”

  1. ashish rathore Avatar
    ashish rathore

    i won a amount through nokia anniversary 2010 plz tell me how to get this amount

  2. vimal bajpai Avatar
    vimal bajpai

    I won a amount in ongoing uk nokia anniversary-2010.Pleas tell me how to get this amount.

  3. 19/12/2010 one massege come to my mobail this massege is qualify ongoing nokia anniversary -2010 in 50000000 this amount how to callect plesee tell me

  4. Savitaben Avatar

    Dear DR WHITE,
    My mobile number in one massage for your company,
    my mobile number is winner 5,50,000 pounds In on going UK nokia Anniversary DRAW Award.So this many how to collect please tell me, My mobile number. THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR COMPANY.

  5. alwi peter Avatar
    alwi peter

    I receieved a message from BA-HAPPY that my mobile number 9840478487 have won 500,000.00 G.B.P IN ONGOING-UK NOKIA ANNIVERSARY AWARD please help me to know the results and more information about this anniversary award

  6. d srinivasarao Avatar
    d srinivasarao

    Dear sir, Iam d srinivasarao, my mob no:9959337399 is qualify the UK NOKIA ANNIVERSARY-2010. please claim the amount put into this account no:62045395370.

  7. Sandeep thakor Avatar
    Sandeep thakor

    Dear sir, Iam d Sandeep thakor, my mob no:9879532741 is qualify the UK NOKIA ANNIVERSARY-2010 pls help me for this

  8. Aditya sharma Avatar
    Aditya sharma

    dr white my number has won a price of 550000 please tell your mode of payment and i guess it is not fake

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