Faulty Handset

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Name of company/service: Sony Ericsson Xperia U


This is Sudhir Raichandani, i had purchased Sony Ericsson Xperia U on 17th May(IMEI – 352266051354372), in which i was facing the problem of Network Drop/voice break.
i got my SIM Card replaced and tried 2-3 different SIM’s in the handset but the problem was same.

I took it to the service station and after checking the technical part the certificate was issued for which i got a replacement of the handset.

i received the new handset(IMEI – 352266051369529) on 27th May 2012, and i am facing the same problem in the handset.

request you to pls guide what is to be done in this case as i have tried using diff SIM cards in the handset but the problem persists.

it seems there’s some fault with the Series itself as this is the 2nd handset of the same series and the same problem.

hope SONY will respond on this mail and some resolution will be given.


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