False information during buying and refund not received

***Beware of the builder****
They are cheaters. Please don’t get fooled by the positive reviews. They create their own positive reviews to manipulate people. They are not genuine. I was cheated 2 lakhs by them.

Builder name: Sanroyal builders
This is a detailed review about my experience with Sanroyal builders.
If you think about buying their properties and dont want to lose your hard earned money like me , pls read this completely and then take a decision about your business with them.
In short, a one liner about Sanroyal builders: these builders are cheaters.

After reading my previous posts, two people who already paid money to them have contacted me and told they had the same problem. You can view other’s experience who have paid over 20L to these frauds and still did not get the building or the refund here: https://complaintroom.in/sanroyal-builders-refund-not-received-c3174

Here is also a news cast about them: https://youtu.be/2gIzFrDEucI
Their website is https://sanroyalbuilders.com/
Their brand logo is https://sanroyalbuilders.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/sanroyal-logo-4.png

This is my experience.

I was interested in one of their 2bhk apartments. Things started to take a u turn after I paid the booking amount. Right from the beginning everything they told were lies. When I came to know that, I cancelled my booking and requested refund of my booking amount. Till now, I have got no response from them. Here is the list of what they promised and what I actually got
What they promise – after the payment of the booking amount, the customer service team will call and confirm the booking, ask for any customizations and let me know the status periodically
What I got – After the booking amount, I did not hear from them for the next 3 months. After 3 months, I contacted them because for the payment, I did not get the agreement that I signed. I just had the receipt.
What they promise – after signing the construction agreement, they took the agreement and told me that they would take a copy and return the agreement the next day.
What I got – Never heard from them for 3 months until I call them.
What they promise – The apartment would be handed over to me in 1.5 yrs with an extension of 6 months if something happened
What I came to know when I investigated – They delivered their previous project with a delay of 3 years without occupancy certificate and Khata. I investigated after I made the payment. I should have done it before.
What they promise – In the agreement, they mentioned that they would hand over the property by Dec 2021.
What I came to know when I investigated – In RERA certificate, the completion date is 2023. When I called to ask about the date discrepancy, their reply was that they are not aware that the date was 2021 in my agreement. You can see the extent of their professionalism here.
After 4 months of paying booking amount, they sent me pictures showing the progress of the work so that they can ask for further payments. They also sent me the purchase agreement. When I said that I have to validate the agreement with a lawyer, they became pushy to sign the agreement. That is when I investigated the above things and found that they are fraudulent and manipulative. I even looked into their previous projects and found that they delivered it with a delays of 3 years without any required certificates.
All these above experiences made lose my trust and requested cancellation and refund. I sent them 3 emails. They did not even show a courtesy to reply to the emails. I sent a legal notice from a lawyer. They did not even respond to those.
By sharing my above experience, I hope you would invest your money with genuine people and business.

If you need more details, please contact 9567164143


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