false deduction of balance

Location/place: kolkata

Name of company/service: reliance smart

on 10th june my account balance was deducted and i was told that my sms pack has been activated but i did not receive the benefit. On contacting the customer care i was given a SRN and was told the problem will be resolved in 2 days and all inappropriate deductions will be credited, but after 2 days i received a msg stating that no sms pack has been found in your account and even the balance wasnt credited. On further complaint i was told that my account balance had been credited with the amt which was deducted on the 10th of june itself,which didnt happen. When i asked the customer care representative to reconcile he couldnt and told me to call after 2 hours. the 3rd time i called my complaint was taken and again i was given a SRN, i told that i dnt want my sms pack to be activated and they should credit the amt deducted to my account on which i got a reply that it is not possible to credit back the amt deducted. That wasnt the only thing today morning when i checked my balance again Rs 39 was deducted from my account,instantly i contacted customer care and was amazed to hear that they have deducted that amt and activated my sms pack again, and when i told that previosly even amt has been deducted for sms pack i got the same reply that it has been credited and when i told it has not been they told that the system is showing that it has been refunded and we cannot help you with that and the they disconnected the call. This is how they take care of their customers.


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