False commitment and deficiency in service by dealer

It dates back to August-08 when I purchased Hyundai Santro from one of their dealers – SUHRIT Services Pvt Ltd. The deal was closed at Rs.3,60,000 (one time payment) which included Car payment, Accessory payment, Extended warranty payment, Insurance payment and Number Registration Payment. I kept following with them for the below given deficiencies for around 5-6 months after which I also filed a complaint with consumer dispute cell when there wasn’t any response to this harassment I underwent-

(1) Regn. Number and RC not provided, car still running on temporary number.
(2) Dishonor of Insurance cheque paid to the New India Assurance because of which car kept running without insurance for 2-3 months.
(3) Insurance amount written on policy note less than that written on cover note.
(4) Fraudulent issuance of invalid 3rd year extended warranty.
(5) False promise of giving free accessories like seat cover, steering cover, gear lock etc. and I was made to revisit twice but sent back saying that stock has been re-ordered.

Status as of today is that the dealership has been closed and lot of communication in forms of mails and notices has been sent to the parent company HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD as well but they never responded.

Persons to whom the matter has been informed are –
(1) Mr. H.S. Lheem (the MD of HYUNDAI MOTOR INDIA LTD.)
(2) Mr. Arvind Saxena
(3) Mr. Abhishek Nagpal

Would request if the above can be taken care of as I think Indian parent company is also trying to shed it’s responsibility after knowing that this dealer has been closed.

Model of Car- SANTRO GLS
Eng. No.- G4HG8M526662
Chs. No.- MALAA51HR8M327238*F
VIN No.- MALAA51HR8M327238
Temp no. DL1TW 6796

The matter has been escalated to Mr. H.S. Lheem also who’s heading Indian operations.

-Amit Dua

Suhrit Hyundai.zip (729 KB)


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