Fake tracking id, never delivers product, complete fraud

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: Fashionandyou.com

This company is the worst ever company that one can imagine for, a complete fraud company. They will take your money by showing you lucrative offers, then they will add blind shipping charges over that and then finally they will update their website with a fake tracking ID and your product will never be delivered. You will keep on complaining to them and they will say we will call you in a day or in two days and then again a month, and they will never come back to you, and when you will call the customer care,they will say, we are not able to connect to the shipping department and the whole process will start soon, finally you ending up paying to a fraud company which will never get back to you when its their fault……….if you will search on the web, you will come to know this is a routine thing for this company, and they are duping us with our hard earned money. If any one wants proof of my horrible experience with this company. I will show you all my order id and how i have never received my product even after paying them…… stay


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