Fake Mobile Received

Location/place: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Name of company/service: Ebay

I ordered a Samsung Duos mobile from Ebay 03/05/2012 for Rs 10920.00. I received a package from ebay which contained a FAKE mobile and the IMEI number was also not available on the box. To my surprise there was no bill sent my the seller in that package. When i contacted Ebay they said they will raise a claim and get it resolved. I was asked send the images of the package received but was never informed that email size should not exceed 6 MB. After a few days i received a message that the claim has been closed as i did not send a reply with images.
This has become a hassle for me as they are saying that they need the IMEI number to locate the device. But i argument is, if they have sent the mobile along with a bill, they should have the IMEI number with them or the copy of the bill with them.

There has been no action taken yet from Ebay on my issue.

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