Fake Job Fraud/cheating by Cellone Networks scammers and taking money from freshers

I am making compalin against Cellone Networks. As I was searching for the job, I have registered myself in various job sites. cellone neworks scammers called me and told me that your resume is shortlisted and invited me for interview, at interview they told me lies about MNC companies projects and told me you have 45 days trainng and after that your salary would be 20-35k and ask you to demand to pay check as your first salary will be on hold, but it is totally fraud. Plz fresher don’t go with it plz request because the owner and all staff members are fraud..
All other reviews on glassdoor and other sites are fake and posted by those cellone network frauders.
they are completely played with students career and emotions
…..first they asked for the check and then they scam you to provide a good job.. they all are totally frauders…

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