Fake Calls from Insurance Regulatory

I am receiving calls from Employee of “GOVERNING BODY OF INSURANCE COUNCIL”, they are taking feedback about my running insurance policies with any of the insurance company. They are saying If u have any problem we will help you out.
Once I shared 1 of my issue with them they advised to do several things and in last demand for Rs 4500 today itself else they will not help me, I said, ok, I don’t need your help.

Second time I ask them to give their registration no then they disconnected the line.

But now a days I am receiving calls from them, a lady named Miss/Mrs. Neha (phone no 011-409803914), called me several times.

When I said, “I am not interested” she is insisting me to share the feedback.

Want to know is there any kind of firm which help customers in such a way, if not kindly catch them all else they will cheat to some innocent customers.

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