Extremely poor Bank POLICY and Customer Intimation system

Location/place: Chennai

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank

We hold a Current account with HDFC bank primarily used for my brother’s business. Hence, we credit money and debit it on a regular basis(daily basis). When ever we go below the minimum amount I agree the bank has every rights to charge a Penalty fee on the account or if they expect all customers to hold a minimum balance they should have intimated us to close the account either via phone/email/post.

Instead of doing any of above, when my Father when to a branch in CHENNAI to deposit money he was informed to meet the manager after standing in queue for more than an hour. They wouldn’t accept our deposit and my father was asked to go the base branch in TRICHY. Would HDFC bear any losses incurred to our business because of the delay and would they answer for my Father’s embarrassment?

We have decided to close the account and never have any further dealings with HDFC.


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