Extra amount cut for notice period

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Stromag India Pvt Ltd

Dear Sir / Madam

I have submitted my resignation at Stromag India Pvt Ltd on 8th march 2010.I have submitted hard copy as well as email them about the same.For more than a month company has not given me reply for the same though i have followed for the same.
I have requested company to relieve me by 31st march since i have to join new organisation but i have not received any answer.My notice period was for three months.
I have sent the same copy of resignation email to my new employer so that he will get confirmation about my joining.
During this time as i was interacting with new employer and clearly told him the situation he has indicated me that he will need the relieving letter also.
So on 11 the june 2010 i had sent mail to compnay about my self relieving and declared them about last working day in the company and ask them to collect company belongings.
But company has refused to do so and asked me copy of fresh resignation letter.
Since i have not received any answer for the resignation letter which i have submitted in past and i have not withdrawn the same so i have not submitted any fresh resignation and i have joined to new company telling them the facts.
I have requested comapny to take my belongings for many times but they have refused to do so and asked me for fresh resignation all the time.
Further up on request company go ready to releive me but asked me to pay notice period against gross salary for 3 months though i have already worked there for 2 months.
I have asked them to consider the balance period agaianst my leaves which are balance for 67 days but they have not agreed for the same.
So comapny has cut my 3 months notice period against my resignation dated on 8 march 2010 and while paying my leaves they had paid agaist basic salary.
Not only this last employer has find address of new employer and give his information about me that i have not followed the comapny instructions and leaved company all of sudden.This put me in trouble and i have to accept whatever last company says for getting relieving letter.

I have following complaint points

1. Why company has not given answer to my resignation
2. Why comapany cut my 3 months notice period
3. Why notice period got cut against gross salary and leaves are paid against basic salary.
4. On my relieving letter company has clearly written that they are relieving me against my resignation.
but cut 3 months notice period instead of 1 month
5. Compnay has cut training expenses also when i have not signed any special bond or like that and i have not issued any training certificate or i have not give any training request also.

Kindly help me to get my mnoney back

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