Excess Bill with No service over that rude behaviour

HI All,

I am Shahbaz Quraishi an MTNL subscriber since a month and had been very disappointed by them by charging me unwanted and unexpected stuff.

First of all at the time of application a lady in MTNL misguided me by reffering me a plan of 699/- saying that there will be no rental for the first month which at the end of the month they charged

Then They charged me with 200 (Activation) 500 (activation) and then 600 (Activation)
Still not sure what kind of ACTIVATIONS are these ????

My Plan is combo unlimited 699/- where I was told that I will get 12GB @ 2Mbps and after that 1Mbps,
but while using there service I realized that I was actually getting speed of 1.2Mbps (for 2Mbps after midnight) and 250 kbps to 400 kbps (after my FUP Limit)

They are really a kind of Buggers and I urge all of Mumbaikars please do not go for MTNL Service
If you don’t have any option then make sure to get their initials or confirmation over Mail or in written.

So that you can debate over the issues you find later at the end of the month.

Your Well Wisher


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