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Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Tikona WiBro

Dear Sir/Mam,

User ID: 1102082567

I request whoever reads this to kindly read till the end very carefully. My net has not been working since 26th July 2011. The same night, I tried registering a complaint on Tikona Customer Care but had to finally hang up after 30 minutes of wait to reach a customer care executive. On 27th July 2011 at 10pm I was able to register a complaint with Mr. Sharman regarding my issue. The complaint number is 1-1894288880.

I have requested for an engineer visit. As per Mr. Sharman, I shall receive call from an engineer in the first half on 28th July. Please start counting the days just in case this time also I face the same delay as earlier. If I do not receive a call tomorrow, I shall count the number of days from 26th July and include the same in the new waiver request for this month.

Let me also tell you the problem. Since the rains have started, I see a puddle of water right below my POE adapter. My complaint last month included replacement of the POE adapter because of short circuit. The ethernet cable that comes into my room and into the POE adapter comes from the roof of my building. I can clearly see my POE adapter filled with water, and I can clearly see the water coming out from “inside” of the Ethernet cable coming from the roof. To find out if this was exactly the problem, I kept my POE adapter in different spots in my room. When I came later, I saw the puddle of water right beneath my adapter, but nowhere else in my room. Now, the ethernet cable pin has gone black, which I am guessing is a short circuit. Hopefully the engineer should have a solution to this issue than just changing the wire or the adapter. If the water continues to travel through the ethernet cable, changing POE adapter will not be the solution.

I must admit, the quality of cables used by Tikona is world class. Because of this leakage and spill, my extension board had a short circuit and my laptop charger also broke down. The damage caused by the Tikona Quality Products & Services is commendable. You ough me more than Rs.3000 just on my electric devices, this is apart from the time and money spent whenever my connection has stopped working and I have had to use someone else’s internet services. I have wasted time, and have not been able to finish my work a lot of times. If you check my past records, over the past one year, I have registered complaints upto about 4-5 times a month and requested for waivers almost every month. Once I had to go up on the roof and change the direction of the signal receiver so that it faces the tower, because the time my internet stopped working before that, the engineer told me that due to the wind, the receiver direction changes and hence loses signal, and it actually started working when I just rotated it! Why do you provide services when the customers have to do everything themselves? To reach a customer care executive for technical issues and complaints, it would regularly take 20-30 minutes of hold time, but when it comes to bill payments, your services are mind blowing! I get 2 prompt and regular calls every day!

I have said in my previous mails that I shall post this on consumer forums online, but I never have done it. With this feedback and complaint which I am sure will not be resolved in the given time as usual, I am also putting up this issue on many conusmer sites online, including social networking websites. If no action taken by consumer courts, I am sure current and potential Tikona Broadband users will be very happy to read the above. I have had an amazing relationship with Tikona. To all those who are reading this, I talk to their executives more than I talk to my family and friends. Tikona has become an essential part of my everyday life. Now until I dont talk to them every week, my month does not go well. My best friends are the billing department folks. I know so many people there. If one calls me for the payment, the other will call me very soon the same day not knowing the status of the pending payments. When I have unresolved waiver requests in process, I explain the billing executives for half an hour properly what the issue has been and why I am waiting for the waiver and not paying the bill. After this wonderful conversation, the next day a new friend calls me completely unaware of the status of complaints and issues. Generally I am free all day, I have no work to do and no personal life at all. So again very patiently explain the whole story to a new and more interesting person the next day.

Oh and I almost forgot, I could only use the wireless for a few months until some tower shut down and tikona had to give me a wired connection, and I CANNOT use my connection/account in any other location where I find a tikona connection, which I was told I could while buying the service.

I will never suggest Tikona service to anyone. I agree all broadband providers have a lot of problems, but you have done a better and faster job in this case as compared to any other ISP.

Please take 2 minutes out of your busy life to respond to this e-mail.

Thanks and Regards

Praneet Tulshyan

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