Double Swipe

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Corporation Bank, Khar West Branch

Double Swipe

Reg: Double swiping Debit Card No 4027410334027440

I have a S B Account bearing No 1013 in the Khar West branch in Mumbai of Corporation Bank.

The above mentioned debit card is linked to this account.

On 1/12/2009 I have made purchases at Milan Mall, Santacruz West, Mumbai for Rs 1683/-

However, the amount has been debited TWICE from my account as can be seen from the statement extracted from online banking balance query.

01/12/2009 POS Payment, 996120 TRF 1,683.00 1,43,869.28

01/12/2009 POS Payment, 454701 TRF 1,683.00 1,42,186.28

On enquiries Big Bazaar and merchant banker have informed me that they have NOT received extra payment.

Corporation Bank Bangalore Debit Card Helpline has asked me to write to local branch about the matter.

I have written to the local branch on 30th December 2009 and reminded the local branch several times BUT THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED OR ACKNOWLEDGED EVEN.

Kindly inform what I have to do further.


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