Doing fraud with customers, the TATA DOCOMO company & the customercare executive.

Location/place: khamgaon

Name of company/service: tata docomo

on my mobile number unnecessary balance was deducted most of time, also when I had added my number to DO NOT DISTURB list. when I requested to REFUND my money, they refused. So I decided to port out my number on 22.08.2012,

bur they did not forwarded my documents,

so I again decided to port out my mobile number, when my number was in process, the lady representing the TATA DOCOMO, called & requested me that not to port out my number and said- “we are offering you a plan, that u can enjoy the benefits of calling @1paisa for 2seconds” she promised me that this plan will be permanently offered only to you & no renewable or recharge is required.
and this service will be activate in next 4-6 hrs.

but, it was fraud. when i called the customer care,(aprox.6 hrs latter) they said this service will be activate in next 24hrs.
again (after aprox. 40 hrs latter) I called the customer care, the Sr. customer care Executive was not providing me the benefits to me.
and disconnected my call. due to unnecessary balance deduction my balance was remained 1 or 2 rupee only & because of low balance I suffered a heavy loss in business dealings.

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