do justice

Location/place: andhra pradesh/vijayawada

Name of company/service: icici bank-health insurance policy

Based on a representaive of ICICI BANK over phone I took three health insurance policies on june 2008 for my self,spouce & children. The policy was period of two years.The amounts are Rs.12116,Rs,4350 & Rs.4350. The representative told me that if ur not interested after two years u will get back the amount. The policy period ended with june 2010. From ICICI I got a letter to renewl the policy for further period. At that time my financial status was very poor. Hence I made a request over phone/letter that pls return the amount which I was paid as premium.Some delay happened at that time. Finally I got a reply from them the policy has been lapsed and no amount will be returned to u. I tried again to put a letter to MD, corporate office and registered office of the concerned Bank. Lack of experience in the field of insurance of a representative causes me to loose the amount of Rs.21000/-. Kindly do justice to me.


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