DishTV – Worst and appauling/ Tata Sky – Best and Royal

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: DishTV DTH provider


i will explain why i chose this alternative and why i am going to file a complaint in consumer court regarding this fraudulent company called as DishTV DTH providers. here is my story

I decided to shift from Tata Sky as i wanted Sony Six and DishTV had it. I have 2 TV’s and i booked one connection at first through online offer (vc 01516116141)On the very same day, they fixed the dish and i was happy with their services. Immediately after one week i booked for second connection for my TV in bedroom (vc – 01516113520)I specifically wrote “MULTI TV” on the form as mentioned by technician. Nevertheless,
1.) The problem started from there. The technician who came to fit second connection dint have dual LNB so they removed LNB from tatasky dish and fit it in DishTV., from that day onward reception was poor. signal was weak. i kept calling dishtv and escalated the issue. spoke to lot of people and few escalation team members also after 3 weeks they sent a technician to fix the problem. i did not have reception on one of the TV for 3 weeks. they offered be 90 rs credit on my next recharge. which is still pending
2nd problem – after one month of both connections, i called again and asked them if my VC no are under one name and is it showing as multi TV. They just plainly aid NO and they said i have to recharge on both the TV separately and they just cannot convert my connection to MULTI TV.
i am shifting to much happier place called as tata sky. DISH TV us worst provider and their customer service is equally appalling. their managers or supervisors laugh on customer queries and customers are dealt with lowest priority. i am also going to write the same on consumer court and see if i get any help and also help the other customers from falling into the this cheaters trap.
My number – 9819151129

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