Dirty maintenance of Lakshmikala complex

Location/place: Hyderabad

Dear Sir,

I am writing this mail to you since I do not know whom to complain. I am a resident of Moosapet, Hyderabad. I request you to expose the dirty maintenance of famous theatres Lakshmikala, Sashikala & Chandrakala located at Moosapet, Hyderabad. People from surrounding areas have no other choice when ever they want to watch a movie as there is only one theatre apart from these three theatres. Management of these theatres do not bother to maintain hygeinic conditions. The seats are oily/greasy. Toilets are in hopeless condition. The rates of snacks are always higher than those in display boards. Not even a single person is deployed to control the parking/traffic even the vehicle of three theatres are moving in and out almost at the same time for every show. We can not find any display of ‘EXIT’, ‘Gents Toilet’ or ‘Ladies Toilet’ in the auditorium. In Lakshmikala, an additional row of seats are provided in balcany right in front of the door leaving less than 2 feet width for the movement of people. Chandrakala theatre is comparatively new but the maintenance standards are same. The overall experience with these theatres is unbearable.
These are some of the examples of the ill treatment given by the management of theatres. Kindly highlight this matter or advise me to whom I have to complain so that the Management should be punished.



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