Delayed service

Location/place: Indore

Name of company/service: Aakash (Veer) packers & movers, Pune

I was shifting all my household items from pune to rajgarh-dhar near indore. I hired aakash(veer) packers & movers, dange chauk, Pune, they packed and took all the items on 28/04/2012 with entire fees. As i have to move out of India on 8th may, i ask them to move as soon as possible(although their commitmemt time is 3-4 days). I m continuosly following with them but they are not even picking the phone, one person picked the phone yesterday(05/05/2012) and informed me that they even did not load my items from pune yet, I m in lot of stress as i have to leave the country in next two days and all my stuffs are with them… please ban such kind of fraud companies… please help me.. Ravindra malviya…


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  1. Mizanur: Thanks for offering such good moving service in place. Sometime people become very much tired while they used to move one place to another. It will be very good for us if we have something extra while we move. WOW, anyway, Thanks for your valuable information.


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