Delay in delivery and false commitments

Dear Concern,
I have ordered a Gym Combo on flipkart on 27th of april 2021, which was promised to be delivered on 28th of april 2021 (the next day), since then they are making false commitments again and again to resolve my issue for the delay in my product delivery as on 28th they told me that to wait till 4th of May, 2021, my issue will be resolved, then on 3rd of May I got a message that my tentative date has been extended to 6th of May 2021 and when I made the call they are telling me now that now to resolve my issue the tentative date is 10th of May, 2021. Further sometimes they say that this delay has been made due to Covid-19, sometimes they say we are working on your query for delay in delivery of the product you have ordered. Basically they have not any answer for that and when I say to ask to the delivery partner, they just talk like some nonsense type of people.. making conversations just to divert the context nothing else. Details for my order are mentioned below. Please do the needful ans question to some authority or some senior ranked person for such irresponsible activity taking place in flipkart and do help to resolve my issue to get my product ASAP.

My product is : 20kg PVC adrenex home gym combo by filpkart
My order id is : OD121639105418938000

The delivery partner E-KART logistics shipment tracking id is : FMPC1195723236


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