Deduction in deposit by house owner

Location/place: Tumkur

Name of company/service: House Owner

Dear Sir,

I have rented a house on rent with agreement of 11 month and rent will get revised after 2 years by 15%.

Now suddenly owner is asking for increasing rent by 15%, the reason behind it, initially I was alone but after 2 month shifted with my family i. e. my mother, daughter and wife. As per the owner as room was single and your entire family is staying so rent should go up, but it has not reflected in agreement any where that room was for single occupant.

Also he says that, the electric connection for that single room was not allowed to have Freeze, Heater as he is getting benefit of Solar system subsidy from Karnataka Electric board but he is not providing us solar water heater benefit.

When we are ready to vacate owner asking to paint entire room otherwise deduct the charges from deposit.

Pl. guide me in this matter.

Thanking you

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