Date & Time to refund all my invested money with proper interest which was matured on 29/08/2003

Location/place: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Name of company/service: Golden Forests India Limited

Sub : Date & Time to refund all my invested money with proper interest which was matured on 29/08/2003

Can anybody representing the Golden Forests India Limited or other can tell me what is going on. I invested my hard earned INR 35,000/- more than 10 years ago. Anybody can imagine what was a value of rupees 35,000/- more than 10 years ago. I invested all my bank balances that time on the basis of my agent assurance. What is the problem that Company is not paying money to the investors, though the company has enough money to pay. I came to know from their site that they are telling that ‘total liability of Golden Forests India Limited is less than Rs.1500 crores while the assets of the company are worth more than Rs.10,000 crores’. Please let me know how and when will we get back out money with full interest, also mentioning the problem that why company has not paid yet. Also it is very much interesting that Government is not taking any steps to get back our hard earned money.

In addition to the above I also want to mention that I have already sent my original certificate long time ago as company told that they will pay the amount, so they are collecting those. But yet I not received any money or acknowledgment copy from them.

The policy details are as follows

Account no. 01/9/LCC260337
COMMENCEMENT : 29/02/2000
MATURITY : 29/08/2003
Amount Invested : INR 35,000/-
Maturity amount as on 29/08/2003 : INR. 70,000/-

It is my earnest request to this forum to take the necessary steps so that I can get back my hard earned money with proper interest asap as it was matured long time ago (29/08/2003).

Sujit Kumbhakar
e-mail : [email protected]
mobile : +91 9830330637


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