Cylinder not delievered since 1 and half months

Location/place: C-63A, Yadav Nagar, Samay Pur, Delhi-42

Name of company/service: Bharat Gas (Vijay Gas Agency)

Waiting for cylinder from last 1 and half month, there is no response from Vijay Gas Agency Badli, Code No. 113597.
No one picks up the call in office and they behave very rude to the customers, sometime they abuse too.
The cylinder was booked from our side on 3rd Jan 2011, as the person said that Waiting Number is: 253, but the cylinder not received till date and again booked on 7th Feb 2011 but no response till now.
They usually said that there is NO GAS from the Parent Company.
In another case, Hawkers use to black the Gas on higher prices.
They are not afraid of any complaint as they told. Please do take any action and help us as we are out of Gas.

My Connection Details:
Name: Yog Raj Sharma
Connection No.: AP-9952
Contact No.: 9810883305
Address: C-63A, Yadav Nagar, Samay Pur, Delhi-110042.
Email: [email protected]

BharatGasComplaint.doc (22 KB)

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