Complaint Regarding Usage Theft in my VSNL Broadband account

Location/place: Pune- India

Name of company/service: TATA Indicombroadband Internet

It is very clear from the events that the there has been a password theft and probably somebody from TATA communications department has been party to it and hence the THIEF with the help of SO called CUSTOMER SERVICE has managed to change my password, my secret question and was also able to exhaust a HUGE balance of INR 3500. I have been following up with the customer service which has done nothing than sending pre-formatted regret e-mails.
I would like to HIGHLIGHT and bring to notice that my SECRET question and the answer was STOLEN and changed and hence I was unable to change the secret question.

The SO called customer service at TATA communications are pathetic in response, they don’t care whether their TATA brand is being blemished and whether the customer is showing discontent.

The TATA Indicombroadband customer service and renewal TEAM insisted me to always buy a higher priced UNLIMITED plan, they say “ sir agar chori (theft) hua bhi to aapka nuksaan nahi hota” this shows that the THEFT of password and HACKING of accounts/logins to USE available balances of credit in your internet usage accounts is a regular practice at TATA. There could be TWO major reasons 1) TATA indicom does not have sufficient standards which protect the USAGE THEFT and 2) some staff from TATA are party to the continuing THEFT of INTERNET usage.

NOBODY including senior authority and/or NODAL officers at TATA care for the TATA brand… I sincerely request customers and forum members NOT TO FALL prey to the TATA brand name the brand seems to be loosing CREDIBILITY with the kind of staff getting recruited and the processes which are being followed…

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