Complaint against M/S Ahuja Bartan Store,Moti Nagar

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Hawkins

This is to state that I have purchased one Hawkins Pressure Cooker of 8 Litre Capacity from M/s Ahuja Bartan Store, 3/20, Moti Nagar, New Delhi – 110 015 (Phone No. 25438185) vide receipt no. 3381 Book No. 17 dated 26.05.2012 (original receipt available with me) amounting to Rs.1501.50 (Price 1430.00+Vat 71.50) on the night of 26.05.2012.

I purchased the cooker as my mother expired on 21.05.2012 and I was in urgent need of the cooker of more capacity as many relatives were there in my home at that time. When I tried to use the cooker I found that the cooker was defective and was not working properly. It didn’t make any steam/pressure. The steam was coming out from lid and it could not make any pressure to cook the food. I went to the shopkeeper next morning to replace the cooker but he behaved very badly and refused to change the cooker purchased on previous night.

This may please be noted that I have purchased some other articles also from that shop at the same time on 26.05.2012 but the shopkeeper did not give any authenticated receipt of the same. Rough receipt given by him for the purchase of other items except cooker is available with me.

I very humbly request you to kindly help me in getting the cooker replaced or else help me in getting my money back as the cooker is useless for me now. I am not willing to get the repair done on that cooker as I have not used the cooker even once so I want that it should be replaced with new one or else I should be given my amount back.

I also request you to kindly help me in getting the conveyance charges and other charges incurred by me on this issue as per rules.

Thanking you,

Baljeet Singh Khurana
A-5, Man Sarover Garden,
New Delhi – 110 015
Cell No. 98101-31756


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