Complaint against Idea cellular

Location/place: Dharuhera, Rewari, Haryana.

Name of company/service: Idea cellular

I have Idea cellular Mobile No 9812025567, which is pertaining with me, more than three year, Service of Idea is not suitable for me, I wish to port my No to other cellular company, When they put request to port, Idea cellular refuse to port it, by excusing dues are pending, Before porting I request in Idea office for adjust my security deposit which is 1200.00 in my bill 0n 29th dec 2010 & bill was due 0n 6th Jan 2011, Now bill amount is 460.00. A copy of receipt is with me. Still they are refusing to port, saying we shall refund your security after 45 days. Yashpal Yadav


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  1. Hi

    That is how it is supposed to be done.. you pay your current pending dues and once your line is clear of any pending payments you will be able to port.

    Once you have ported successfully Idea is supposed to refund your deposit within 60days. If they do not you can take legal action against them. That is what the TRAI/DOT circular on mnp says.

  2. Mr.Nilesh D. Lingade Avatar
    Mr.Nilesh D. Lingade

    I am your customer from last 15 months for mob no.-9767617921

    From last 2 weeks, I continuously received message from
    Idea for ‘Incomplete document Submission’ which causes disconnect the service with Idea.
    You required new documents to submit at Idea center to give un-interruptible service to me.But, I can’t give these documents because the sim card which I already used is of unknown person.I received this SIM from my friend which have no information of this SIm.

    Kindly help in to matter.

    I just required SIM Card onwer name or other option to recover this problem.


  3. Changappa Avatar

     I am using Idea prepaid from 4 years and now from 21-07-2011 i have moved to CUG postpaid connection
     My mobile no is .I have taken 2 additional connections under CUG Group.The 2 additional numbers are in between my number and these 2 numbers the group calls are getting charged due to  this my out going has been barred and effected my daily activities.
     Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.
    Still calls as not been activated after many request if your not activating my calls by tomorrow morning i will stop using this number and look it to other networks and iam very much unhappy with idea people response from the date the calls got deactivated from last one week my iam not able do any out going calls or not able to receive the mails so this effected many of my activities so this will be my last request if you don’t responding to this mail i will stop using these three numbers of idea



    I am your customer from last 4 months for mob no.-9040144122 suddenly i saw for Rs.33/- deducted on dt.03/09/11 from my my mobiole balance. So kindly return my balance and when i call other phone 50 paise deducted every time. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible


    Deepak Mohapatra



    I am your customer last 4 months .Today i saw on dt.03/09/11 for Rs.33/- deducted from my mobile balance so kindly return my mobile balance and when i call a phone every time 50 paise deducted from my balance.Please resolve the issue as soon as possible.



  6.  Avatar

    I spoke with several of people .. I have just one simple query that i would like to get a E- bill on my email address … If you would pull out my call records you would get to know that how many times i have been disconnected by your reperesentatives… I have some specific names as well who spoke with me and didnt provide me the correct resolution.. No has done anything to resolve this issue so far … Its been pathetic experience with you guys … ((( I hope you could do something to resolve this issue)))

    9855599928 NIKHIL KUMAR

    For any questions you can call on this number this is my primary number 9041683083 .




  8. Alok kumar Avatar
    Alok kumar

    Hi my name is alok kumar and the I am your customer last 1 year I have activated the internet voucher 2 times but while surfing internet on my handset it working very very slow as comapre to other services.There fore I am getiing my no. portabile to other services so that i can get the best service.

  9. DINESH JOSHI Avatar


    I have an idea cell No 9756137509
    I live in Dehradun Uttrakhand
    From Idea deducted my amount from ibid Number 9756137509 with out any service activated by me. This deduction done by Idea company many times . I also complaint Idea customer care but refund received in cell

  10. DINESH JOSHI Avatar


  11. laxxmikanth Avatar

    My name is Laxmikanth. and my mobile no is 9848071234.. iam using idea from 6year i love this network… but recently i am getting irritating with this network becoz iam having an issue so i have called customer care 4-5 times and also i went 2-3 Idea show rooms still i didn’t resolved my issue,

    My issue is :: Iam Using SBI mobile recharge for using recharge my mobile … as usually this Sunday (6-nov-2011) morning 4:52am i tried to recharge my mobile with 201 rs. it given the transaction number (020149972178) but the recharge was not done.. same day i did 4 recharges (201,10,201,50) in this (10,201,50) recharges was done but the first recharge was not done.. but in my account 201 rupees was deducted.. the bank guys saying that the amount was credited in ideas a/c(2399725044301)… can you please look in to this and give reply to my ASAP..

  12. SIR PLEASE REFUND MY AMOUNT WHICH WAS DEDUCTED FROM Mobile no 9702480580. I also complaint Idea customer care for fefun ( complaint no 1-20391929169) please confirm
    when we received refund

  13. Arvind Sinha Avatar
    Arvind Sinha

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    I want to draw your kind attention to the fact that i m applying for a postpaid connection(mobile portability) for this i have submitted of Rs. 250 to your sales representative Mr. Umesh as Security Money on September 20th 2011 but they are unable to mobile portability because of i am using corporate connection with AirTel.i want my money back.I call Ms. Isha daily but always she did not take action i was call her since 30th September now i am very depress with Idea Company.
    I am looking for your kind response-

  14. Arvind Sinha Avatar
    Arvind Sinha

    Sorry i have forgot mention my mobile no., no. is +91 8527004406

  15. Hai to all,

    Dis is Kannan.
    I used idea last 1 year.Now(31/12/2011) am in chidambaram.
    No Network coverage here. they are not solve the mobile no is 9092508182.

  16. dear sir,

    my name is manish kumawat and i have idea no 91-9887086024 . i recharge my Sim to-pup than after automatically my all balances DEDUCTED my balance is zero this problem Manny times and couster care excutive is not help me i dose not have value added services . so i change operater plz help me in 3 days.

  17. dear sir,
    i am A K Singh. My Mobile no is 8652388216,My account balance has been deducted (15)Rs despite not using the voice chat facility.I had complained to customer care but my complaint was not entertained.My money has not recovered.

  18. Rajendra Kumar Barman Avatar
    Rajendra Kumar Barman

    Dear sir,
    An unfair deduction of Rs 180 (about) has been made on dated 16/02/12
    at night on internet charging,although i have already using Rs 149
    internet pack. Also on dated 09/02/12 and 12/02/12 same kind of
    deduction of Rs 250 and Rs 60 (appox) respectivily has been made.
    Kindly resolve the probelms and refund me the same.
    Rajendra Kumar Barman
    Birsinghpur pali
    Distt. – Umaria (mp)
    mob no. 9977426177
    email- [email protected]

  19.  Avatar

    ,dear sir,
    i am tejpal Singh. My Mobile no is 7351634973,My account balance has been deducted (15)Rs despite not using the voice chat facility.I had complained to customer care but my complaint was not entertained.My money has not recovered.customer servise so bad i have used idea network after 2 years.customer care not satisfied answer my question i hope you understand my problem and not recevie my call please help me thanx.

  20. dear sir ,
    i am pukhraj agrawal from surat , (owner of vasudev processer pvt ltd ) i have approx 20-25 SIM CARD of IDEA used in our company . on 28/3 /2012 , incoming and outgoing of all the SIM were off form 9:00 am (aprox), without any prior information .
    after some time we came to know that this was just because of non payment of rs 353/- ,and this due was issued on 26/3/2011. we had paid a bill on 22/3/2011 of rs 8000 approx. , and it was also mention on the bill that we have a credit limit of 31000 approx.
    this closer in lines have made financial losses of 200000
    rs to our company and even created mental harassment to the employ’s and other stake holders , this has affected our goodwill a lot and even incurred expenses for mental harassment of 20,00,000 rs approx .
    we have send a complaint letter to idea cellular ltd surat , but there is no response yet …….
    please give a feedback soon on this comment …….

  21. Abhishek Kumar Singh Avatar
    Abhishek Kumar Singh

    idea deducts my 30.00 rupees on 16th april .
    now when i call customer care they said theri system is down so call after 4 hours …..
    when i call after 4 hours …then again they said their system is down and call after 24 hours ……….
    WHAT THE HELL IS THIS …..customer care is not taking my complaint …..

    MY NO-9763642305

  22. nirmal ch. roul Avatar
    nirmal ch. roul

    My self N.C.Roul I am your customer from last 3 months for mob no.8608268538. one massage received from 54300 date.19/05/2012 that your IMS subscription has been renewed @Rs.30.0/- valid for 1 month. suddenly i saw for Rs.30/- deducted from my mobiole balance with out my notice. all ready complain costumer care office he told me sorry we should refund amount for the same and deactivate this service . this service is deactivated but amount is not returned So kindly return my balance and please do not do this type of nonsense cheating with costumer & don’t send unnecessary sms phone call. Please solve this problem as earlier possible other wise i take necessary step for the same.
    NIrmal Chandra roul

  23. Kapil Shukla Avatar
    Kapil Shukla

    My name is Kapil Shukla living in Air Force Maharajpura Gwalior (M.P) and my mobile no: 9575728604. When I spoke to the customer care they told me that you have requested the service but I have not used the service also not satisfied with your senior executives. Why the company charges the customer with unnecessary deduction. Just for the no reason the customer is suffering a lot of problems with the services of idea group following are details of my unnecessary deduction:
    (1) Your IMS has been activated. Amount charged is Rs32 for 27days. Renewal charge is Rs36@1month as applicable msg from 54300 on 21 May at 7.19.07 pm.
    (2) Your IMS has been activated. Amount charged is Rs30 for 1Month. Renewal charge is Rs30@1month as applicable msg from 54300 on 14 May at 7.19.07 pm.

    (3) Your IMS has been activated. Amount charged is Rs32 for 27days. Renewal charge is Rs36@1month as applicable msg from 54300 on 21 May at 7.19.07 pm.
    (4) Dear Customer, your concern for VAS is resolved. The Complain no is SR-1-24434838494 but nothing is resolved yet.

    Therefore, I request you to refund Rs62 to credit the main account of the customer otherwise we will compile to put this issue to the consumer court because the money matters a lot the customer how long the customer suffers and waiting for prompt action and hope the matters resolve the problem and better the service of idea group.

  24. my name is rana das, living in kolktata ,i am idea retealer ,i spoke how stop unnecessary deact customer mobile balance , kolkata zbm ,asm & sm senior not help to problem slob , also senior told this not my hand.ple tell us ……… which the person slob the my problem. my idea no 8961427903…………ple slob the problem ither iam not working to idea

  25. Sandip Roy Avatar
    Sandip Roy

    For the last 3 days i am calling to the cust. care.But i am not getting good response from them.
    Last week Friday (16/06/12) I got the information from *147# about Rs 46 recharge pack which is 375MB GPRS pack for 15 days, that’s why i recharged that voucher from internet. But after that when I called the customer care, they are telling, that plan have been changed and the new plan is STD+LOCAL call 30P/min. I have already Rs59 local tarrif for 3 months (local 30P/min) and Rs21 STD tarrif for 35P/min call charge. I don’t need that new 46 plan. I recharged the 46 voucher for internet pack not for others. And its your system fault, because in *147# its mentioned that 46 pack is for GPRS. I want my 46 rupee return back.
    I have already told this matter to the customer care(senior member) but they are not registering my complaint because the system not showing my recharge voucher ( recharge done on 15/16/12 at 5pm-5.30 pm). But they are agrred, because before that time my all outgoing STD calls are 35Paisa/min but after that all the STD calls are 30Paisa/min.
    If you go to the *147# – then 3G & GPRS (reply by 4) – then GPRS (reply by 2) then you can find Rs46 pack (reply by 4) which written as “dear customer, enjoy 375MB of free GPRS with recharge of Rs.46. Valid for 15 days”.
    last 1.5 years i am using idea prepaid (from the first day i am in Mumbai). I love this network but this type of things and bad response from custmer care is irritating for me i have called them 7-8 times but they are not giving me the appropriate reply.
    Please take a look that matter.
    Hoping a quick and responsible reply..
    Sandip Roy
    Ph- 8652015232

  26. jesuraj Avatar

    hi this is jesuraj my no 9972832207 i ported to idea from airtel and i am facing a so much problam in idea again i am planig to port to airtel. Idea customar care also very poor to give the information they dont even know any thing

  27. jesuraj Avatar

    hi this is jesuraj my no 9972832207 i ported to idea from airtel and i am facing a so much problam in idea again i am planig to port to airtel. Idea customar care also very poor to give the information they dont even know any thing
    about there idea i have activated internet pack and i am getting dedected in the main balance also if i asked in custamer care they are telling stupid resons. and also send the porting message on april 23 2012 and it still not activated (stupid idea)

  28. mitesh gohil Avatar
    mitesh gohil

    Complaint Number 1-25200413434 is not resolve idea in last 1week please help me

  29. mitesh gohil Avatar
    mitesh gohil

    Idea company is not received my call Why ?

  30. Dear Sir,
    I am already a Airtel customer but i have to port this Airtel connection to Idea and i submit my details to Idea office [CHUDUKAD ALLEPPEY]on 19-06-2012.While my Airtel connection was withdraw on 1-07-2012 but the Idea connetion was not activated.Then i call to the Idea customer care service [ERNAKULAM] but they said that the Idea SIM was already activated,the problem was in the ALLEPPEY customer care service.Then i call to ALLEPPEY office and they said that you should once more submit my details,then the SIM will activated with in 48hours.Firstily they said that the portability to Idea with in one week,so i have lost Rs: 30000.Please activate my connection.
    Joe Thomas

  31. kaleswara reddy bhavanam Avatar
    kaleswara reddy bhavanam

    my name is KALESWARA EEDDY BHAVANAM proprietor of TRIKONA OUT DOOR advertisers
    I USED idea mobile from2007 mobile Numbers is 9848881385
    i used mobile bill 1000 to1200 rupees every month
    but your idea executive call to me 21/06/2012she says to me pls submit the documents nearest idea show room
    but that time iam in camp so i give document in26/06/2012 file no AD0106807
    first idea company stoops my number out going calls in 26/06/2012
    second stops incoming calls in 27/06/2012
    i go to the DISTRICT HEAD QUARTER (GUNTUR)idea showroom mad em says to me that number has blocked not come to me
    pls give to me my number immediately i have loss of my business &relative communication
    PLS PROVIDE MY NUMBER otherwise i complaint to TRAI
    my temparary num 7702224329

  32. deepak kumar nayak Avatar
    deepak kumar nayak

    sir my name is deepak kumar nayak and i am sending request from vediocon to idea for porting purpose on the date of 29 april 2012 but i still not enjoy the porting facility in idea company sir my card is not fully porting plz do someting

  33. dear sir ur company i worst company in india u only no how to cheat pepole i have one pospaid sim since last 3 years but i have converted it in prepaid now ur company shown her colour they have stoped my out going and in coming bcoz of doucments but i have submited the shame id which i submitted for pospaid do somting great idea sir ji ki gigae do idea sir ji 9917044655

  34. kamaljeet singh Avatar
    kamaljeet singh

    hi my number 9911038089 i have a balance deduction of rs 30 for celebrity chat service but i had not request to activate this i have deactivated this service on that day kindly refund my balance as fast as you can

  35. same thing message that RS.2 deducted .That is Rs.60 monthly. When unsubscribe ,more than 15 times ,it never unsubscribe.

    THis is pure cheating.

    Please repay my money.

  36. never trust 54300 ,i hv not been able to unsubscribe,though i did it 15 times.

  37. gaurav says Avatar
    gaurav says

    hi my 8888784958 i have a balance deduction Rs 150 for GPRS active im alwyes pay for Rs 98 net rcharge. but no any massege for idea care in end of GPRS service then this is big cheating , they was no customer satisfaction . so pls kindly requist repay for my money .

  38. hello sir,

    my 9961363470 i have a balance deduction Rs. 240 in three deduction.
    1. Rs. 40 on 14 nov,2012
    2. Rs.99 on 22 nov,2012
    3. Rs. 99 on 25 nov 2012
    for downloading some videos from vuclip and xinlabs. but i didn’t open such sites to download any king of videos.
    i also recharges of Rs. 249 internet plan to use the internet.
    kindly tell me why my all deduction going on..
    i m not going to tell that give me back my money, but latest tell me why the all deduction going on again and again.

  39. sir
    my self anvar from Kerala..submitted all documents along with porting code to idea cellular on 22nd November.stil id int get any reply from network. more over my porting code sexpiry date got over.. wht i should do?

  40. sir my number is 9846123928


    respected sir/ madam,
    I raghavendra kumar gunda, mobile user of Idea with communication no 9666705894 since 3 years (from 2009 onards)., I received a msg from ur company which contains activation of dialer tone copied from another no like that on 15-12-2012 timed 11.42.56 am. but I was not done such process. quickly I was communicated with ur executive but I was not satisfied with her conversation. please tell me d way for reunding my amount(previously deduvted amount Rs 30.00 inr). pls stop the further balance deduction on my no (above cited 9666705894). I am waiting for ur favorable reply thanking you

  42. Syed Abid Avatar
    Syed Abid

    This is Syed Abid from Palakkad, month before (19th November 2012) i missed my sim card, for that, getting the same no (9605588899) i just applied for the duplicate sim card ,that was a prepaid connection.your guys recommend me to take a postpaid connection for that prepaid connection. I agreed their offer and paid sum of Rs 250/- for change the connection and they promised me that within 24 hours you will be activated in your same number as a postpaid connection . Those things happend in 19th Novermber 2012. But still I am not only get the connection but also they didn’t respond me well properly. Mean while i got a call from one of my customer and he told that i called your idea number some one answering that I got the connection newly and don’t me again in this number .Then only i have come to know that someone using my number named Ayoob, Kannur. I also cross check with the concern person immediately he was right for got the number he spend Rs 10000 for my number. Immediately I conveyed this message to the concern IDEA person(KIRAN and RAJEEV-Palakkad Idea Assistant Sales Manager).They said you never get the same number back, so if you wanna make any legal action you just proceed they said. Then only I obliged to go with the legal action.

  43. sandeep kumar Avatar
    sandeep kumar

    this is sandeep kumar i recharged my phone for internet pack of 21Rs & my balance deduct to 21Rs but internet pack not active on my phone (8699263105) . i used online recharge

  44. Nitesh Rathod Avatar
    Nitesh Rathod

    dear sir ,maza mobile number ahe 9881296939 ha ahe ya numbervaru 98 rupyacha ballence kmi zalela ahe to parat pahije

  45. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Please note that were not received any massage for activation of GPRS and not used but I have received the bill of amount Rs. 4550.36/- which is not acceptable to me.
    Pls. note that since I have not used GPRS and not received message from you for activation of the same so I’ll am not authorized to pay the same.
    Pls. take necessary action and revised the bill.

    Cellular No. +91 8652208258
    Invoice Number. 059349104
    Invoice Period. 7-March-2013 to 6-April-2013

  46. MANISH KUMAR Avatar

    MY NO 9711942625 HAI

  47. devendra soni Avatar
    devendra soni

    Dear Sir & Mam,

    I am propriter of Airson infotel compay i was book 2 idea postpaid no. from Mr. Pawan jeswal (Mobile no. 9718590871) & His excutive name is kamala Prasad (Mob No. -9718506437). he give me a no. 9990328888 Monthly rental is Rs.899/Month.before 7 days and excute was told me i got cv visite and u will show your document than after i got call from one mobile no. is 9540059982 and she said one cv bo will come on your adders and you will show the all document than after 2 or 3 hours i receve call from cv boy his mobile no. is 999089698. so i nwas so all documents for this guy and he said your CV will be positive but after 3 hours i got call from Mr. Pawan jeswal (Mob. No. 9718506437) he said your cv is negetive bcoz in your office employee was not there but when cv boy was come that time in my opffice 8 person was there but he send froud report maybe he want money for cv positive. but i told to mr. pawan jeswal in my office many employee was there than he was said sir give me time i will confirm again after some time i got call again from mr. pawan jeswal and he said i cant give you conection becouse your office is small but my office space is aprox 200 sqr fit.than he said i will confirm again than after he call me again and he said i cant give you conection. when i already display that no. already in market and i lost my business.

    Pleaselook this mater and resolve on urgent basis & take action for that given 4 guys they comitted lie & make me fool. if it will be not resolve in within 24 hours than i will complain in consumer court and take leagal action.

    Thanks & Regards

    Devendra Soni


    Thanks & Regards

    Devendra Soni


  48. Idea Cellular Avatar
    Idea Cellular

    Dear Customer,

    We would request you to kindly contact to your nearest My Idea for further assistance.

    Idea Cellular

  49. Nitesh Rathod Avatar
    Nitesh Rathod

    Dear sir,my mobile nuber 8308384356.ya numbervarun Rs 19 rupaye kmi zale , idea night pack without permission ne chalu kelela to pack .maza to Rs 19 rupaye parat pahije.mla aaj idea madhe rahun 3 year zale tsri asa problem kadhich zala navta parantu aata hot ahe to ballence mla parat pahije.

  50. Nitin Prakash Avatar
    Nitin Prakash

    Respected Sir,
    My no. is 8191829044. Its my second time when I am having trouble with your customer care. My earlier complaint was not solved successfully and yet again I have another 🙁 my previous complain reference number is 1-34772359416. As I again recharge my account with 3g unlimited plan of 945 and it didn’t last for 10 days. But ok as you think I used it whole coz you don’t provide any data balance for customer.So I again Recharge my account with Rs 145 for 3g at 03-06-2013 at before 5:00 pm. and start using Internet but in short time(within 5 min) it disconnected and show me that you have no sufficient balance for using Internet service ??
    all my Rupee has gone in 5 minute and most of all there is no data plan on *125#. I am so frustrated now coz all your customer care don’t have any respect toward customer as one of saying hold on I am checking then disconnected ,second one is saying that I can’t hear your voice , and third one with a excuse of server down please call after 10 pm night. All experience is pretty bad . If this matter didn’t solve I am forced to shut down this number. Thanks for reading

  51. Maithili Avatar

    Well, once again Idea seems to be resorting cheating customers to make money. Just today, as my phone was lying charging Rs30 got deducted for downloading Needforspeed (noone was even near the phone..maybe I should start believing in ghosts). I called customer care several times because the first ‘customer care’ executive cut my call saying I was wasting his time …also, their customer care people have no brains …all they can say ‘hamari jaankari ke hisab se’
    Anyway, after this all Re1 got cut for some video pack.
    Now, my phone died because it had 0% battery. On coming home and charging it, when I switched it on, they sent a text saying Rs 5 had been deducted for downloading yet another game.
    Idea is an absolute fraud..1st they unfairly deduct money and they even charge us for calling customer care..its a double edged scam.


    respected sir/ madam,

    I raghavendra kumar gunda, mobile user of Idea with communication no 9666705894(since 2009)., I was received a msg from ur company which contains Dear customer, you have been charged Rs.3.00 dated 02-07-2013 at the time of 08.58.19 . but I was not done such process. quickly I was communicated with ur executive they told that ur status was not updated callback after 2 hours, after specified time I communicated one of ur executive he told that u have one app download, but that was not done by me. he transferred the call to his supervisor named Mr.ABISHEK but I was not satisfied with his conversation. please tell me d way for refunding my amount(previously deducted amount Rs 3.00 inr). pls stop the further balance deduction on my no (above cited 9666705894). I am waiting for ur favorable reply thanking you


    please send me the way to control these type of unnecessary balance deductions for my account.
    tell me the lowest possible wat to reduce my call cost( now it is 1.6paisa/sec high in cost)
    I am waiting for your favorable reply on my side



  55. sandeep Avatar

    i have been deducted rs30 from my account without doingg anything please provide a good service and earn money not by deducting money from the accounts and wats the contact number of custmer care executive


    we have recharge my idea account rs. 70 as online dt. 13-04-14 at 9.43 a.m. but
    idea cellular is not credit the same amt. my mobile account. my mobile no. is 9904737381 gujarat circle.

  57. rahulch Avatar

    on 16th june 2014 i have done a recharge of rs201 (2gb unlimited internet ) but by mistake on 24th june 2014 i accidently recharge a 20 mb 3g pack for 1 day now my old recharge of 201 was cancelled i called the costumercare they said that because of your new internet rechare your old pack was deactivated. i had never listed such policy it means if you recharges big gprs plan and by mistake someone else recharges a small internet plan on your then all your money got waste i want my money back. also i didnt get a single message about this information .a day ago i love idea but now it is worst service i have ever seen you do cheap tricks to get costumer hardwork money.

    my contact info is [email][email protected][/email]

  58. idea internet connection in dehradun is very poor from almost a week, we are faceing lots of difficulty coz of it. plese short it out…

  59.  Avatar

    Sir my mobile number 9702497013 iwant august 2014 e bill send on my this email id [email protected]

  60. RITU KANSARA Avatar




  61. Tarachand mandloi Avatar
    Tarachand mandloi 7690986166
    15Rs. were deducted yesterday at 7:1pm from my account through a service of 54300 which i did’nt activated manually. i called representative for refund & he deactivated the service & accepted my refund request but 15Rs balance did’t come so plz refund my balance plz ..plz help….

  62. BSBNPL Avatar

    Dear Kumaar Mangalam Birla,

    What a Idea sir ji you have open worst and cheater Complany name Idea Cell.

    I think your custmor care team hasbeen learned from IIN Bihar and they have completed education from IIN Bihar where the jugle raaj is going on.

    My Familly members are using many mobile networks but idea is one the wrost.

    Now I will share my experence so that your idiot team will learn some things other wise soon you will shutdown idea company .

    Since I am the idea custmor and maxmum using internet pkg ,what to say about internet speed sorry to say its pooor 3G speed and forget about 2G internet speed god only help us.

    many time I have Activated 6 Gb unlimeted plan some time 2 GB and time to time 3G pakages on regular basis.

    I am the one who is doing every 3rd day internet plan Even services are poor.

    I will tell you today story, I have did internet plan for Rs 247 and Rs 49 and Rs 1 .

    Rs 247 plan was Unlimeted
    Rs 49 plan for Night 1GB 3g plan for 12 to 6 am
    Rs1 for tweeter 3 MB Plan

    When i have done all above plan from my mobile at the same time got confirmation msg.

    after some time I have dailed *125# and it was showing 250 MB and surperise.

    Then I have contated idea C Care center unfortunatly I am in Roaming and 121 was not working then I have called local Idea C Care Center but they told me,they can not help me becauze ur number is belong to UP west plz call them.

    Again I have made call to UP west C Care center ,I was surprise the person have pickedup call and I can
    hear behind people are talking making noise in call center then after 20 second beleave me he answer call said hello oh my goodness no warm Gretting nting.please check if u have Record voce.

    I have inform him above all issue but unfortunatly he was stuck with his system and waited for him n he put me on hold for long but after no solution actually he was not getting me due to lack of product knowladge finally he was not able to solve my problem just given flase informatin. I have waisted 12 minutes via Roaming call.

    Again I have called second time same thing happened and they waited me for 15 minutes and finally said you did wrong plan and this plan is not maching with our system.I think they need traning on urgent basis.

    Againg I have called third time make me hold for 20 Minutes Finally told sir don’t worry ur plan is activated in ur number after 12 midnight it will work .
    after midnight I was using internet but 49 1 GB plan was not showing when I have checked *125# it was showing 250 MB .

    Then I have contacted again to Idea C Care 4th time 20 Minutes waisted my time finally my call trasfered to SR Executive and said ur plan is lapes due to you have done twice 1Rs plan but I refused I have never done 2 times as per Sr.executive its showing in system.I said what to do now he said again u have to do recharge.

    Question: Only your Sr. Executive knows how to check system what about other staffs if they don’t knows why the hell they are giving wrong information as least give them basis traning.

    God help your systems and your team.

    Its ok Rs 49 is nthing for me but they have fuc*ed my brain and waisted my time and money for call.

    Now I have question for IIN TEAM how ur hiring these types of staffs those even don’t know meaning of idea.

    I think you have took those from IIN Bihar.

    Now I want my money to be back without fail.
    Rs 49 and Roaming Call charges asap.

    My number is +918958753603 Please Dont call I am on roaming.

    Email:[email protected]

  63. veer yadav Avatar
    veer yadav

    Sir please help me idea cellular against DND services

  64. Mandeep Srivastav Avatar
    Mandeep Srivastav

        Nodal officer Idea Mob Company
        I inform you that my Idea sim 32K(Mobile no-9506263835) is closed
    without any reason. I told customer care about this problem. He
    replied that you should go to Idea Company. He could not solve my
    problem. So I want to tell you.
      Please open my sim as soon as possible.

    Date- 07-09-2015
    Yours costomer

           Mandeep Srivastav

          Mob-No 9565484452

  65. sukriti rai Avatar
    sukriti rai

    Nodal officer Idea Mob Company
    I inform you that my Idea sim mobile no-7838734360) is closed
    without any reason. I told customer care about this problem several times but they are behaving like nonsense people as they are not getting my number started from past two months. They are not capable enough to solve my problem because of them m suffering through many problems. If it’ll be then i’ll be compelled to lodge a complaint against idea cellular. Please get my number activated.

    Date- 27-09-2015
    Sukriti Rai

  66. Chandrabhan maurya Avatar
    Chandrabhan maurya

    @ideacellular I am your customer from last 7 -8 years for mob no 9904899893. one massage received 54300 12/10/2015 that your Bollymix subscription has been activated @Rs.21.0/- valid for 15 days. suddenly i saw for Rs.15/- deducted from my mob balance without my notice. I complaint to customer care and they refunded my balance. But they did the same on next day again activated the same scheme i talk with customer care they told me we will give you back your money in next 24 hrs and they deactivated the scheme but today i spoke with customer care the told me we cant give your money back this service is deactivated but amount is not returned So kindly return my balance and please do not do this type of nonsense cheating with costumer & don’t send unnecessary sms phone call. Please solve this problem as earlier possible other wise i take necessary step for the same.
    Chandrabhan Maurya

  67. saurabh mahajan Avatar
    saurabh mahajan

    I wanted to close my idea connection so called their call center. they told me to pay outstanding amount. I paid outstanding bill on 21st Nov. My billing cycle is 21st of each month. On 21st Nov itself I called them to convey that I have paid the bill now please take my request to disable the connection. The call center guy told me that they can only take request for disabling after 3-4 days. So I called them back again on 26th Nov to disable the service. This time they told me that it will be disabled on 28th Nov and I will be charged for 21-28 = 7 days extra. I asked them why then the reply was that I am giving request on 26th Nov i.e after 5 days of my billing cycle.
    Therefore never ever use IDEA… please please please

  68. To,
    The Nodal officer Idea Mob Company
    I inform you that my Idea sim (Mobile no-9927851809) is saying when anyone call to me This mobile number is out of coverage and can’t be connect now So please try again later. But signal strength is full without any reason. So please resolve this problem otherwise i bought any other company sim and i have more 20 sim of idea. But now these days i not feeling good to do that type of problem with me. Main thing the signal strength is too good but call is not connect. Then anyone try to calling me 20 times then call connect. Very big problem.
    So Please resolve my problem as soon as possible. Other wise i go to market for buy a sim of other company.

    Date- 01-Dec-2015
    Yours costomer

    Mr. Shiv Narayan Dimri

    Mob-No # 9927851809

  69. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring to your notice that I had the very bad experience with idea store people. I was happy with my prepaid connection “8970265338”, someone sold me post paid connection with the same number. From the first month itself my bill was higher than it was quoted to me which was Rs. 230 per month, however, I paid the bills on time which was more than Rs.1000/.

    I visited the nearest idea store which is in Chickpet, Bangalore and place the migration request to prepaid, she gave the new Sim and I cleared the due balance plus full month rental which was around Rs. 850 and some change, she also gave me the confirmation bill.

    However it was not processed and after 3 months someone from Delhi court called my mom and threatened her.

    When I got to know about the call, I visited the same idea store. Same girl said it was not her fault and again I paid 835/ to settle this.

    Below is the e-mail copy of the confirmation which I received.

    Dear Customer, your request for Postpaid to Prepaid migration is registered and would be actioned by 26 hrs. through Communication Id C1-48343286812. We thank you for preferring Idea cellular and look forward to servicing you. You can now simply call 121 for our latest tariff offers, Internet packs, SMS, VAS and dialer tones or dial 1214 to know your account related information.Now save upto 80% on Internet Bills with Boosters – Experience WhatsApp , Facebook , Weekend , Night Packs. Dial Toll-free *121*999#

    An idea can change your life.

    ************** LEGAL DISCLAIMER ************
    This E-Mail may contain Confidential and/or legally privileged Information and is meant for the intended recipient(s) only. If you have received this e-mail in error and are not the intended recipient/s, kindly notify us [email protected] and then delete this e-mail immediately from your system. You are also hereby notified that any use, any form of reproduction, dissemination, copying, disclosure, modification, distribution and/or publication of this e-mail, its contents or its attachment/s other than by its intended recipient/s is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

    Internet Communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be delayed, intercepted, corrupted, lost, or contain viruses. IDEA Cellular Limited does not accept any liability for any errors, omissions, viruses or computer problems experienced by any recipient as a result of this e-mail.

    Kindly look into this issue & please get back to me.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Mohammed Shahid.

  70. Niranjan Kumar Chourasiya Avatar
    Niranjan Kumar Chourasiya

    Dear Sir,
    I am Niranjan Kumar Chourasiya customer from last 4 Years for mob no.-8800348957

    I got the call from Tel. no.+911-400859142 for name caller tune on 10.02.2016 at 04:39 PM. Idea executive informed me that if you subcribe our caller tune we will charged INR 199.00 including service tax. and you caller tune will be activated according to your name : NIRANJAN KUMAR CHOURASIY. caller tune will speak your full name. then I agreed to subscribe it. after activation this service, i find that caller tune speak only Niranjan instead of full name Niranjan Kumar Chourasiya.
    I called to customer care no. 12345 on 11.02.2016 at 10:02 AM and talk with Miss Kamla and others regarding this issue. but they advised we are unable to help you about this issue but you van change it right now and will be charged once again INR 15.00.

    I would like to inform you that why you or your caller executive is giveing wrong information to customer for activation different – different services.

    you are requested please change my caller tune Niranjan Kumar Chourasiya instead of Niranjan without any charges.

    we will F.I.R against IDEA Tel. if I don’t receive your response as early as possible.

    I hope you will halp me as early as possible. if you have any question please mail us or call us.

    Thank you so much for your understanding.

  71. yogesh bhosale Avatar
    yogesh bhosale

    i am yogesh bhosale from kolhapur my is 9075079838. i am complaint for ur custmer service .i am not used the postpaid connection last 6 months .i had been request to ur custmer care for close this a/ c no.but ur service is very wrong and crusial.i am not pay amount of this bill & i have taken ur action against idea co. & director
    — bhosale

  72. Bhawani devi Avatar
    Bhawani devi

    Worst service ever…. Kuch bhi activate ho jata h apne aap fir deactivate krne k liye chaar baar call karo…. Worst worst worst

  73. Dinesh Kumar Avatar
    Dinesh Kumar

    Dear Sir:

    My complaint is about –
    Idea Mobile Bill
    Bill Number : 0306078495
    Account No :100004249799 ,
    Bill Date : 01-Jul-2016.
    Now the recent bill showing 5000+

    I am complaining because this is fake idea mobile bill created from idea which i am not used data and sites .I am already a plan of internet pack 2g 400 mb free and also i am activated 1GB (175 Rs) on my mobile .This process is running since last one years and this data usage is sufficient for me a month and my bills is not created any time above than 900 rs. You can check and verify my previous bills . With out my permission they are activated other plan and make fake bill to last month which i am not used at any time . I am attaching bill copy of last month. it shuld be commonsense that never can’t be used such as big 2g data. because they never provide for 2g high spped internet connectvity.

    Dinesh Kumar

  74. When i was ready to convert my sim aircel into idea they said for you the first month will be free including internet but i got a message regarding the payment of monthly bill. im not going pay that bill.kindly resolve the issue as soon as possible. otherwise i want my aircel number back.

  75. Dear sir im complaining about idea prepaid service of my 9767739936 number .Company deducting my account balance daily they deducted 10-12 times my account balance for various services which are not activated by me I have previously complained about that but no gain they are saying that services are activated by you . On your service I’m very unsatisfied so now there is only one option for me to Port from this company to another . Good by idea

  76. Keval oza Avatar
    Keval oza

    Hi i m keval here my number is 8691033663.i m staying in metro city but there is no netwrk of idea frm 2days..i m facing problems its showing emergency calls i m nt able to call frm such whom should i contact there is no network to cal customer issue..N u guys r launching 4G netwrk first clear this things..Dnt waste sch money for this new such advertising n launch 4G..

  77. pathan azhar fairoz Avatar
    pathan azhar fairoz

    so may bandale pepals in idea care …
    put th extra paynent 3 time but not convert tha postpaid to prepaid …

  78. pathan azhar fairoz Avatar
    pathan azhar fairoz

    sir ..
    my name is azhar
    custmar of idea service
    no 8888062525
    put extra payment 3 time n request more than 5time to plz convert my no postpaid to prepaid…
    but idea care cancelld reqest many time no resons …
    plz help me sir
    god bless u…

  79. Harshal Avatar

    pathetic customer care service, people dont have manners to talk.
    you can not talk to customer care person unless you try to call 12345 number at least 30 to 45 times, always get message all customer care executives are always busy in attending another call, always hear recorded message dial 121 to get more information.

    now days network of idea is also not good it is worst day by day.

  80. Srikanth Avatar

    We are getting messages regularly from customer care to link Aadhar with idea sim. When we asked to linkup our Aadhaar they are demanding rs.30 or 20 to do so. Also when we visited idea cellular communication point (grd communications kondaypalemgate Nellore)on this day for some clarification the executive mis behaved with us and used harsh words . He is rude towards customers and his attitude is worse . He don’t know how to talk in a polite manner.Its not because of ur network u provide which attracts customers it’s the service you provide and how ur customer care executives behave with customers. We all in our family using 6 idea Sims will be disappointed with such worse behavior from communication points.If this is the situation every one will switchover to other cellular networks which deals with customers in a polite and respectful manner.

  81. Sureshanand Bhandari Avatar
    Sureshanand Bhandari

    Today I have been wrote a complaint on the idea grahak seva in hindi for refund 303/= but my mail is waiting positive response. Sureshanandji Bhandari

  82. kamal singh Avatar
    kamal singh

    Mera naam Kamal Singh Hai Mera number 9266 222 210 main bhi apna number Idea mein 5 October ko port Hua Hai mujhe bataya gaya tha ki 15GB 4g ki speed unlimited local STD call milegi 299 mein Jab mera number port Ho Gaya Toh Mujhe 3g speed 5 GB data Mila Woh Bhi Mujhe 349 de diya gaya hai 7835960731 Arpita Laxmi Nagar is madam ne mujhe number port Kiya Hai Pehle kuch aur bataya Tha Ab aur kuch aur bata rahi hai switch off ja raha hai iska Main Chahta Hoon Ki Jo Mujhe plan bataya Gaya Hai Mujhe wo mile Aur Main Chahta Hoon Ki which is BPO main jhoot bola ja rahe ho uska action Ho thank you for recording Kamal Singh New Delhi 34

  83. manmohan khati Avatar
    manmohan khati

    Date: 21.10.2017
    Mahanagar Doorsanchar Bhawan,
    (next to Zakir Hussain College) Jawaharlal Nehru Marg
    (Old Minto Road) New Delhi : 110 002

    Idea Cellular Limited
    A-68, Sector 64, Near Fortis Hospital, NOIDA

    Also at:
    614, Shop No. 2, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, Pocket 3,
    Paschim Puri, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110063

    Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    This is in regard of change the Postpaid Corporate Plan on No. 9911959211, in the name of Manmohan Khati, into monthly plan, which I didn’t know/allow and its all done without my knowledge and permission & when I have already paid the 2 years advance rental last year to the the company/IDEA. I first got the sms regarding the change of plan and when I visited the nearby idea centre, they said that if I have already paid the advance rental for 2 years and only 1 year just passed, then this msg must be not for you. Again I got msg for the same on 18/09/2017 stating “DEAR CUSTOMER, AS PER REQUEST, YOUR TARRIF PLAN HAS BEEN CHANGED TO NEW SUPER 99 VIA C1-99012617817 FOR MOBILE NO. 9911959211. KINDLY NOTE THAT THE NEW TARRIF CHARGES WILL BE APPLICABLE AFTER 2 HOURS. ” FROM NO. 9891030099 AT 18:29:47. I haven’t made any request the on whose request IDEA has changed my advance rental plan to monthly plan? I have raised the concern on some online consumer helpline also.

    I got some messages in the recent/past few days to renew the plan, if not renewed then it will be changes to 99 Rs. per month, postpaid. When i logged into my account online, i came to know and i remember also that i have made the payment of advance rental last year itself only. Then how come i am getting the messages to change the plan, whether to renew the plan or it will be changed into post paid of 99 per month 15 Aug onwards.

    Please look into the matter to get this issue resolved, so that i do not go for further action against it. Below is the statement i got from my account about the last 5 transactions, which clearly shows that i have made the payment in the last year itself. and that is valid till 2 year. so there is no question to pay the same for another 2 years. I have send the email about the incident to [email protected], [email protected],
    [email protected], on 16.08.2017, 12:57 p.m. but of no result. Though the advance rental of my plan was due on Aug, 2016, but it came to me on Oct. bill and then I paid the said amount next month.

    Nov 21, 2015 N / A 700 OCC Advance Rental

    Thanking you,

    Manmohan khati, 9911959211
    F-32, St. No. 1,
    East Vinod Nagar,

  84. Choudhary Jagdish J. Avatar
    Choudhary Jagdish J.

    Idea had charged my balance for animation from nazara and deducted 24 Rs and that had not conformed by me and but also they had send me any animation to me.

  85. Myno is 9822888108 customer care officer unable to answer solutions as my sim is lost and new SIM not activate after 5 days very very poor service from idea
    Customer care name not suitable for them if their officer not care about customer issues

  86. I’m using idea prepaid 10 years, but in area not available for 4g signal,

  87. Tapas Pandya Avatar
    Tapas Pandya

    Dear Sir/Madum,
    My self Tapas Pandya , Mob no is 9722484800,
    Idea cellular is now a days polular telecom service provider all over Idea, but my yesterday insidence change my mind.

    Yesterday on 18-04-2018 i was visited Idea store to convert form postpaid to Prepaid ( -Bhavani Communication,Amrapali complex, Karelibaug, Vadodara) It is very regret to inform you that the person name Mr Vijay Patel who was talk with me very rudely, what a worst team managed Idea store.
    I was request him to convert my postpaid to prepaid, he checked in computer and told me that you buy sim from somewhere else and its not come in my territory so i unable to take your request, after that i was talk to customer care no and customer care person told me that any Idea store can convert postpaid to Prepaid, i was recorded that call and request to Vijay patel many times that please listen this recording its clearly says that any Idea store can convert postpaid to Prepaid, why not you?

    He was smiling on me and said no sir i can’t take your request and after that he told me that sir do not do TIME PASS, i said i am here for solution not for time pass.
    I request to you please take strict action against this person Mr Vijay Patel or i will Escalete to the higher authority and even TRAI also.
    in my life now i will never suggest to Idea Network to anybody and even this will escalete in social media also, though whatsapp and Facebook.
    customer is God but this people have even do’t care about the Market reputation and Goodwill of Idea, beacuse of this kind of Bastured people handeling Idea store and misbehave with customers i am not going to continuee stay with IDea.
    pleaes please take strict action against this kind of nonsense people.


  88. Hp kangra pin code176056 palakharu idea signal are very poor still help

  89. Akash Avatar

    Dear Idea team, I have been using Idea sim no. 9144655045 for last 2-3 year but 2-3 days ago my mobile number got inactivated by idea company . why my number has been inactivated by idea company ? when i called on customer care they told me your number was being used for bussiness purpose by me. thats why they deactivated my number but i hadn’t used my number for any business purpose even i have only called around 10-20 times in last six month so how u can say i had been using this number for business purpose? i am requesting you please reactivate my number .

  90. kumud singh Avatar
    kumud singh

    I was ported my BSNL to Idea postpad, Worst service I ever had seen, After I try to port it another company, I cleared all the billed and out standing amount also, they not allow me to port my number at the end I stop service by own, I break the SIM card and purchase new number,Better service and no unwanted call from idea, no unpending bills that best option for IDEA users, those face issue please destroy the SIM, Avoid to use idea, if u use you will be in loss.

  91. Mps Negi Avatar
    Mps Negi

    Dear team i have made a two request for porting [UPC – ID456347] and ID674827 my Idea Postpaid number (9868643998) and (9910686788)to airtel Prepaid on 11-jun-2018,But after few days from the port out request my number is not ported to airtel After that I had called to idea customer care and they are saying that your porting request has been canceled. Due to technical reson in 9868643998 and other number 9910686788 They are explaining the reason for cancellation is customer itself rejected the request I had already cleared my all outstanding bills. Also I had made some amount in advance payment for this. So what is the reason for rejecting my port request.

    But how is this possible. I have not made any request for retaining my request.

    So how could Idea reject my port request without my permission.

    There are 2 request made for porting. And all the 2 requests has been rejected by idea. On same date.

    Don’t you feel that you are cheating with customer.
    why my request has been rejected without my permission?
    Complain number for 9868643998 is C1-113579492062

    Mps Negi

  92. sir my mobile number 9814731916 very slow internet service 3g packs not balance show data very dump service please help

  93. mahendra sendhav Avatar
    mahendra sendhav

    मेरा 71 rs बैलेंस ये बोल के काट लिया के मेने net use किया पर मेने नही किया ओर वो my idea ऐप्प मे भी नही दिख रहा इसलिये मे अपना ओर अपने घर वालो के सारे idea no airtel me पोर्ट karwa रहा हू
    9827511028 mahendra sendhav

  94. Versha singh Avatar
    Versha singh

    When I’m ready to port my number Airtel to Idea company they toled me the the plan 289 20GB net + 5 Gb extra unlimited local std calls and 100 sms daily timing incoming outgoing free 90% amozone membership free and 100rs off on bill for one year .. but they just changed my plan into 389 and they only give me 16Gb net. I spoke with several of people .. but they did not take any action If you would pull out my call records you would get to know that how many times i have been disconnected by your reperesentatives… I have some specific names as well who spoke with me and didnt take any action about my complaint .(mid Minakshi, Mr sagar, Mr Rahul and Mis Versha. No has done anything to resolve this issue so far. Now today is my bill generation date and the bill is 971Rs. I’m not gonna pay this because you guys told me total 25 Gb data and you just give me only 16 Gb data so that’s why I have to buy )5-6 Gb more data . This is your fault because you guys not giving me total data and I must say Its been pathetic experience with you guys and I must say I did not … ((( I hope you could do something to resolve this issue)))

    9811500021 Awinash Kumar

  95. Bharat Bhushan Avatar
    Bharat Bhushan

    Dear Idea team, I have been using Idea no. 7087680723 for last 2-3 year but yesterday my mobile number got inactivated by idea company . why my number has been inactivated by idea company ? please reactivate my number .

  96. Unkown user Avatar
    Unkown user

    Usless Idea one of the useless company ever

  97. kanth rajan Avatar
    kanth rajan

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    My Mobile Number 9164143252 i have cleared all the payment till now, past 3 month my number is not activated i have informed to your customer person they told me to pay 50% of payment then we will activate, not activated, Rs. 916.94, they told to pay 30% in this of Rs. 642.00 on 28.10.2020, N2010281448380455201259, i have sent payment details to whatsapp 7996850972 and sent the screenshot also, i have informed to this number 7996850972,7996850901, till now there is reply from them. simply telling we have already activated telling lies every one, no one is responding please advice immediately.

    Otherwise i will disconnect this sim card. i will go for other service which ever is good.

  98. Sheetal Dhumal Avatar
    Sheetal Dhumal

    I have Idea cellular number +91-8379080554 I have not getting range at my residential area from long time. Can you suggest where to call? Unable to connect and talk with customer care.

  99. Jasveer parmar Avatar
    Jasveer parmar

    Dear idea team,

    I have been using idea Number 9111671919 for 4 – 5 year but 7 days my mobile number got no service/ inactived by idea company. Why my number has been inactived by idea company?
    Please reactivate my number.

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