complaint against doctor in anand for misbehave, Physical & verbal abuse

Location/place: Anand,Gujarat

Name of company/service: Smit Children Hospital

Dear Sir,

Warm regards,

This is to file an official complaint against a Doctor and his staff in Anand, Gujarat for misbehave, Physical & verbal abuse and also neglecting and not treating ill child.

I respect the medical profession and Doctors like any thing but I am very upset with the incidence and like to highlight to such regulatory\gov. agency so at lest it could not repeat with any other parents in future.

Although I have already filed a police complaint against him , I feel it necessary to file a complaint at your body or any advised agency from you.

Let me brief you about my self and the incident I have suffered.

I am Ashok Patel, (Male: 32, from Anand, Gujarat). I want to file an official complaint against Dr.Biren Patel (MBBS DCH, Reg. No. : G-22750), Smit Children Hospital, Anand.

Full Address of Dr. Biren Patel :

H-02692 268759
R-02692 253305
[email protected]

On 14th of August, I went to Smit Children Hospital along with my wife and two daughters for my children’s health check-up as both of my daughter were ill.

I have reached at hospital around 10.30 am; I have registered my case at the reception and paid the fees and waiting for my turn.

During this time Doc. has checked the Visitors one by one. I have noticed some visitors has been given priority in spite of they were came later to me and some others.

i have also check for the same with the reception lady as well as Doc’s compounder for the same as why they are given priority to those who came lately.

The hospital staff keep diverting my oppose with arguments like, Doc’s relative is there OR those parents were already came earlier and just came to show report which was asked, OR it was an emergency (which any body can easily figure out was not so serious, but just a unethical favor of Doctor OR the hospital staff)

Although I have still kept my cool and waiting for my turn.

Around 12.15 (after 1 hour and 45 minutes) I have strongly asked the reception about my position and asked to tell me how much it still going to take.

The receptionist has shown me the list and told me my turn is just after the visitor who is inside the consulting room right now. (It has shown the first above name of visitor ahead of my name) so I got confirmed that now it will my turn.

But then once again after returning of that visitor the staff has once again given an unethical priority to another customer and sends him inside the consulting room.

Then I have strongly opposed for the same against the staff and went to consulting room to complaint to the Doc.

In spite of listening my complaint, the Doctor has fired me and told me “This is my hospital and I will decide whom to meet first and whom to later. If you have any problems go some where else.”

I was surprised with such misbehavior of doctor and strongly oppose and asked him to treat me as per the merit.

Then doctor has asked me to leave the hospital and asked his staff to get me out.

Their staff has started to push me and when I & my wife has opposed the same they have pushed even more firmly (they have don’t even take care that Me and my wife were carrying babies and any thing can even hurt to those babies also) and also used very abusing language which I cant even write here.

It was very unfortunate as well as humiliating.

Now, I have decided to file legal complaint against the Doctor and his staff.

I have already given my complaints to Anand town Police station.

I need your help/advice/guidance for how I can take legal action against doctor for neglecting & ill treating patient (especially when they are little kid).

Please help and revert as early as possible.

Thanks & regards,

Patel Ashok Manibhai
7,Maruti Pravesh Soc. – 1
Kailash Pharm Road,
Ganesh Cross Road,
Anand – Gujarat.
Mob: +91 9825178987
E-Mail : [email protected]

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