COMPLAINT Against Deficincy in Service by Voltas

Location/place: Shri Minesh Mahavidyalaya, Bus Stand, Jamwa Ramgarh, Jaipur , Rajasthan, 303109

Name of company/service: VOLTAS

ear Sir/ Madam,

We had purchased a VOLTAS TUSHAR WATER COLLER which capacity is 150 Ltr in April 2012. Due to some mistake, water cooler stop its cooling on 1 June 2012. We complaint it to Voltas Service Center on 2-6-2012 which Complaint No. is 12JU0207678. But comaplint is still pending. Technician visited on 5-6-2012 and take back condesnor part with them. But till today, he not replaced it.
Losses sufferd by customer

We have suffered a lot due to improper sservice of service centra and Voltas. In summer time, wheree weather is above 43 degree celcious, we are facing drinkig water crisis. Due to this, we faced mental and economical damage. From last 7-8 days ,we are running from pillar to post but no one to listen us. Service Centre response is very irritating and abusive.

Relief/Action Require
Please take action for deficiency in sevice against service center . Please also repair water cooler so maximum people get relief in summer weather because water cooler is at public convinient place.



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