Complaint against defective Data Card od Vodafone Company.

Location/place: Kolkata (W.B) India

Name of company/service: VODAFONE


I had purchased a Vodafone Datacard with No. 9874710777 for my New Laptop from a Vodafone’s Store situated at B.B. Bag, Kolkata vide Bill dated 26.10.2009. At the time of purchase I was informed by the Company that its Total Cost is Rs. 5999/-and no more charges were payable in view of launching the special package scheme by the Vodafone with its validity containing facility for no further charges Payable for one year from the date of its purchase. It was also informed that this package includes unlimited surfing and 1 GB download allowed in a month. However, ever since its purchase I am undergoing mental disturbance by the dealer in various ways. All the detail is enclosed as attachment file, The letter written by me to Sh. Siridhar Rao, Applette Authority, Vodafone Essar East Ltd.,Constanita Office Complex, 11, Dr. U.N.Brahmachari street, Kolkata 017.
Not only this I have sent 1o (TEN) REMINDERS also. but they did not attended. In fact the Co. supplied me a defective device, also took Rs. 650/- by cheating and fraud. By suppliying the defective device they also damaged my Laptop which cost is Rs. 42,000/-. Not only this they had deactivated my device since 22nd March 2009 for which I have paid Rs. 6650/- in advance. They have replaced the device One week before the deactivation of the connection. I had produced proofs by showing my laptop as well as Bills of repair from Hcl which caused due to defective Data Card.

But Now Co. has send me a letter WITH HEAD (FINAL REMINDER) for clearance of outstanding dues in there vodafone Account No. against the connection No. 9874710777 by threatening me that they will compell to take legal step WHICH IS ONLY ” ULTA CHOR KOTWAAL KO DANTE”

Sir I can produce the HCL’s invoices etc. as proof which clears that where the actual problem is held.

I have reason to claim for amount of mental torture, harassment and mental agony I have been made to suffer seeking its repairs, and thereafter claiming its replacement and the manner in which I have faced ill-Treatment, rude behaviour and making me a laughing stock before the customers present there on each visit through the sales girls of their dealer & shuttling me to the PC dealers from time to time while they were not supposed to attend to the fault of Data Card aiming to harass me and putting me on the toe to cause me fatigue and mental tension.

Kindly help to arrange the recovery of my payment with the cost of harassment and damages caused to me in this behalf.

With Kind Regards,

Sunita Sehgal,
8B Middleton Street,Flat No. 8D, 8th Floor, Geetanjali Apartment, Near Vardaan Market, Kolkata-700071(W.B.)India.
Mob.No. 9836140777.

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