Complaint # 8416773052 regarding Microwave Oven

Location/place: Kalyan/Mumbai

Name of company/service: Samsung/Home Appliances

This is with regards to my complaint number 8416773052 which was raised on 06-Nov-10 for Samsung Microwave Oven – Model Name – M1833N purchased on 14-Oct-07. Warranty for this product is no longer valid.

On 13-Nov-10, one of your Kalyan Service Center (OMKAR SERVICES) technician named Sanjay had visited our place and charged Rs. 275/- (without giving a copy of receipt) and said that PCB for the machine is gone and needs to be replaced. He said he would be sending a request for a replacement part. After that I had called several times but got an answer saying that they did not get any update from the company. Then I called several times on the below dates without any proper solution. On every call of mine, your call center executive promises me to arrange a call back from Kalyan Service Center about an update, which never happened.

Finally on my call on 11-Dec-10 I received an update that the part is no longer available with company. They said they would call me back with a solution. Again I waited for a week, but no calls from anyone. On 14-Dec-10 I called and got an update from Service Center that they are working towards getting the machine replaced and asked for my bill copy. I asked them to come down to my house and collect the same for which no one yet arrived. Again called on 26-Dec-10 and your customer service executive informed me that my case has been escalated to the highest level and would be getting a call back soon, but till now no one called me. Today I called the Service Center Manager Mr. Girish and he said that nothing can be done.

So would like to know how your industry works. Is it on false promises and setting wrong expectations to customers? Your technician was prompt in visiting the first day (after the complaint) to collect the money but then never bothered to call back or give a copy of receipt of the money paid nor to call back for providing an update on the status of my complaint. Also to inform you that we took it easy on the un-civilized language of your service center guys over the phone which made us uncomfortable to talk further. This way you are heading towards losing customer confidence in your products.

This is a disgraceful situation for the company!!!

Could you please suggest a solution to my problem asap?

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