Complain Regarding Rejection of Application for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) by Aircel

Location/place: Kolkata, West Bengal

Name of company/service: Aircel


SORRY to Disturb You from Your Extrenely Busy Schedule. I would Like to Draw Your Attention to my problem which I’m facing in Kolkata created by Aircel (One of the Cellular Service Provider in Kolkata Circle).

Sir, My Cell No :+91 80132 86181 has been in Operation since Sep 2009 according to Aircel Records. I’m always been a Prepaid user, The Service Provider has Tremendousely Harrassed me Financially as well as Mentally by subscribing Me to their any iriodic value added Services without any input from Our side.
When the MNP Services started I opted to Change My Oparator to Tata Do Co Mo, I filled Up MNP form of Tata Docomo & Submitted All the Necessary Documents along with the MNP Code taken from Aircel.
Aircel has registered My application & Provided Me a Serial No : SR-13661638526 on 1st of February 2011 and Given me a date of 8th february as the day of Porting the Operator.
On 4th February 2011, I recieved a SMS from 1901 stating that My application for MNP has been Rejected by the Service Provider due to My Number is not even 90 days OLd
as Per Rule.

Sir, Please do Sumthing as this is a Totally False Reason to Reject My Application as I’m more than 1.5 years old Client of Aircel and being a Prepaid User, I don’t have any Dues in the Company.

I expect that Sum Serious action will be Taken against Aircel and I will be Allowed to Change My Operator soon without Changing My Number.

Thank You,

Your Sincere Citizen,
Sundip Thakur
+91 9038527670

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