complain against hdfcslic kicked me out with any notice or any reason

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Hdfcslic

I want to complain against Hdfcslic.I gave my service to this company since last 4 sept 2008.I did my job sincerely.Now the door of this company are closed for me.I dont know why the hdfcslic is behaving me like this.I am too much in tension.The company is not clearing me that I am in or out..If I am continuoue in this company then why my entery is restrcted..And if I am not continuoue with this company then show me the reason to make me out.Because there is no complain against me through govt.sector/private sector.There is no complain from customer side or any staff mamber..Then how a company kicked his employee without any reason.

Please show me the right way what do i do for my bright future.I had marked a letter to HR department..But not getting a satisfy answer.


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