Complain against consumer loan

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Bajaj finance service

I have taken a consumer loan for purcahsing a Refrigirator and AC, and when I am about to pay the Bajan finance service person who was in the showroom (Aadhiswar electronics) gave me an option for 0% intrest loan, which was confirmed by the showroom manager. Now I have been charged 321 rupees extra and when I am trying to contact no body is answering and no phone numbers are provided in the website or anywhere else. I dont know whom to contact and how to get this issue sorted out. I even visited the same showroom where I bought the equipement from and no body is responsisble over there. Please help


One response to “Complain against consumer loan”

  1. Dear Customer,

    At the outset, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    To help us expedite the process of resolution, could you please share your Contact Number and Loan Account Number with us?

    With regards,

    Bajaj Finserv Lending

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