closing of complaint # 6151192 without consensus of custmer aganst unability of repairing PCB

Location/place: Haldwani( Uttarakhand)

Name of company/service: Sony India

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the prblem faced by us due to defect in PCB of Colour TV having Model # KV-XR29M83 having sr # 0702737. I have mentioned in my complaint that Mr sandeep of Sony India told methat PCB can not be repaired and we have to purchase a new TV in which Company can provide discountof 20% only if I purchase TV of RS 34500.This indicates that I have to surrender my TV to Them and then only I will get discount of Rs 6900 Appx.

My question was I purchased TV in year 2004 ( 17th of September). Can any company says that they can not repair the same and to get discount customerhas to purchase TV of same amount he had purchased in year 2004.

I have made complaint several time t them and even talk to service department at # 1800 103 7799 on 17th of september at 9.30 AM and Mr vikramjeet assured that they will come with some solution by 18th of september.

It was very surprising that I have mentioned all my cmplaint # in last comaplaint having # 6151192 saying that no one has responded. despite of that Sony India closed the complaint of 6151192.


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