Chemist denied essential medicine during COVID

On 19 aug 20, I wanted to buy a medicine called Zapiz 2mg prescribed by Dr. Prashant Goel, MD(Psychiatry) AIIMS. Despite having the prescription, the owner of Yamuna chemist denied giving the medicine stating that he would only give if I buy all the other prescribed medicines from him. The required medicine is essential as it is used to treat seizures (epilepsy) and in its absence, the patient may get a life risking attack. The medicine is rare and is not generally available but at the time and date of the above incidence, it was available with Yamuna chemist, 20, main market, Lodhi road, Delhi-110003.
Considering the severity of the disease, importance of the mentioned medicine and COVID situation, suitable action may please be taken against the chemist for forcing people to buy additional medicines in order to get essential life saving drugs.


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