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We will be starting to add reviews for products, companies and websites. Reviews are more general purpose pros and cons rather than complaints that are about individual issues. Feel free to contribute reviews.

First review is for a handy little website to check IRCTC Indian Railways PNR Status. While one can always do this at the Indian Railways official website the Check PNR Status website is more user friendly. You do not have to enter a Captcha code and the result is formatted well as well.

You can also click on the links to get the map for a particular station or train. Best of all the site does not go down even if the railway site is down. Though it is not able to fetch PNR Status during those times, it gives a nice message rather than just an error page like the railways site.

The site is not perfect though. We would like to have a way to register to be notified of a PNR Status change via email or SMS. It would also be good to get more details about stations even though the Google map is quite nice. Ideally station pictures would also be added.

Overall we would rate the website a 4 out of 5. Do check it out.

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