Cheating poor people

Location/place: Banagalore

Name of company/service: RMP Infotec Private Limited/ chain marketing

RMP Infotec Private Limited company
doing chain marketing. one product price 5990/- but that product worth is 2000/- remaining amount will be eating middle persons (like names distibutor, leader, silver,platinium, imrand, gold and crown gold). please take action concern departments. RMP Infotec Private Limited every 45 days to 2 months once some poor persons and very less salary getting person bring to Yalagiri hills near Vanimbad in Tamilanadu. Thay are giving secrate training for 2 days night and day that forest aria. After thay are sending to Field. More people lossing time and money. please attend the one day meeting concernd officers and protect to poor prople.

The meeting conducting some person names:

Team name : Eternity team
1. Asees thomos from Kerala
2. Suresh Babu from Gudiyatam
3. Paramdam. from Guiyatam
4. Narashima Reddy from chittoor

Company Address:

(RMP Infotec Private Limited

F1, First Floor, Apollo Dubai Plaza, (Near Kodambakkam Bridge),
100, Mahalingapuram Main Road,
Chennai – 600034
Web:, Email: [email protected]
Phone: 044 – 23463504 / 23463505 Fax : 044 – 42138434)

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