Cheating of customers by Caliber Computers, Srinagar,Nanded

Location/place: Nanded (Maharashtra)

Name of company/service: HP

I had gone this afternoon to buy HP Printer cartridges No. 20&21 from Caliber Computers, Srinagar,Nanded. To my surprise, they were not selling the combinaton pack as supplied but were selling the same as single pieces after opening the pack, escalating the cost from Rs.1574 to over 1700. When I objectd to thisthey replied that it is up to them how they sell it. Their rude behaviour and dishonest marketing negates the company’s sales pitch. Kindly take appropriate action against them and see that no customer is cheated. I would also like the copany to inform me about the authorised dealer and other places in Nanded where I can buy the product.
Dr. Anuag Mathur, Railway Hospital, Nanded.

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