Location/place: nathdwara, rajasmand in rajasthan

Name of company/service: birlasun life insurance

my name is geeta devi sharma. i was issued my policy on 15/9/2010 my policy no. is 004373611 and my client id is 9355864465. i deposit my second premium on 15/9/2011 but this company called me from jaipur(01415164600) and aksed me for my third premium if i am able to deposit my third premium in advanced before my deposit date then i will get 80000 in the form bonus by check in 6 months this offers accepted by me and i deposit my third premiun on 15/2/2012 and this company also asked me for my proof id of my policy folder photostate and my photo i give it bur i didn’t get any receipt and no calls or no messages or bonds then i called jaipur office and this company gives me a answer that there is no offer that your asked for its a fully fraud with me or your company cheated with me. i called from the no.(9460865325,9251041123,8239426461) and said that there is no offer of this type for you and we check for your deposit but after that thay dont receive any call from me noe what can i do??

where is my third premium and why it is taken in febraury wheather it will taken on september? give me a suitable answer in 24hrs right now. its fully fraud with me and their phone numbera are unavailable.please help me


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  1. Pritesh Purohit Avatar
    Pritesh Purohit

    Hello Geeta,

    This is pritesh from ahmedabad.

    I read your whole post.
    Here, I am giving you one suggestion that kindly go to your area polic station and file FIR on above no. which you have mentioned above.
    Also bring photostate of your Bank transaction which you have done…



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