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Name of company/service: bag it today book my holiday

Dear sir

Order Id-1017561​​190, Order Id 1017561091

I give below the complaint letter to given to bagit today. Till now they have not taken any action


dear sir

it was with a great anticipation of being the proud owner of a new lap top for just rs.12000 that I accepted a telephonic offer from your reputed organization for which paid the full amount. In order to make this payment, out of trust, I had even divulged all details including my card pin number to your person on the line. Believe me, I still was under the impression that this was a very reputed business house run by true professionals, till such time that I learnt from my bankers that the said amount had been withdrawn in two equal instalments by you, when this conviction was shattered to bits.
On contacting your representatives regarding this anomaly, I happened to learn that as per rbi directives, such an amount could only be withdrawn as two instalments, as the figure was a large one! I was also advise that I would be receiving a call from a holiday vouchers department, and that I was just to accept the free vouchers without divulging any fact about the lap top. The reason cited was that on any purchase from your organisation, the holiday vouchers were free, and hence no further discussion regarding the actual purchase need be entertained.

On insisting that I need to be spoken to regarding my actual purchase (the lap top) and not the free gift ( holiday vouchers), I was contacted by another representative who assured me that the laptop would be given in a couple of days time.

The reason that I am penning this note is to bring to your attention:

a). Your representatives have sold me two holiday vouchers stating that these are free with the purchase of a lap top. ( I had earlier been offered holiday vouchers @ rs.5998 per coupon, which I had also availed).

B). There is no reason to deduct my funds in two equal instalments had this been the cost of the lap top. Instead, this was done deliberately to pay for two holiday vouchers.

This act of your authorized representatives is totally uncalled for and is tantamount to absolute cheating of the public by fraudulent offers. Such means and tactics are known to be applied only by base, substandard organizations, and was never expected from your group. This has absolutely tarnished the image and esteem that I held for your concern.

The persons who contacted me are:

mr. Sachin, phone no: 08826488638 ( main person who gave the offer).
Mr. Arya, phone no : 917503189337, and
mr. Abhimanyu, phone no : 9654890191.

Please let me know the measures taken by you to uphold the image of your organization in repute, failing which, I will be compelled to approach the consumer court for harassment and cheating.

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