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Ref: Ticket no.: EK/ETKT 176 7864142012, Yatra booking reference no. O33WI7Z

My name is Sorabh Garg and I am in a very unfortunate situation, where the travel agent and the airlines has been playing unfair with me.

I had booked return tickets from JFK, New York to Mumbai dated 12th May 2010, return of 3rd July, 2010 from on an Emirates flight, I told the lady from Yatra on the phone that I am not sure of my return date and I might return in September, she told me that in that case I would just have to reschedule the tickets from 3rd July to any date in September for $150 and $300 in case I need to cancel it, I agreed to that.

When I come to Mumbai and want to extend my tickets to September 6th, they disregard what they had promised me and asked me to talk to Emirates.
I talked to Emirates and they say that my ticket cannot be extended as it comes under special low fares whose validity is 2 months only, I told them that I was told by my booking agent that I could extend my return dates for $150 and cancel for $300. They told me that they can’t help me and I need to talk to directly for that since they made those claims.
I approached Yatra again and they told me that they can’t extend the dates too. hadn’t notified me that the ticket was valid for 2 months only, they should have done so while selling me the tickets so that I could have made a better decision, now they are not honouring their word.
I told them it is very unprofessional to go back on their words and they should atleast cancel the tickets if not extend for the fee of $300, but they denied cancelling it too.
I talked to Emirates again and they told me extension was not possible and they can cancel it but I won’t get a single penny for cancellation (doesn’t make any sense!)
Yatra then made me an offer of extending the tickets to September 2nd for $746, which includes $400 for extension and $346 flight charges difference.
They are now going back on their own words from not being able to extend tickets to extending it for $400 instead for the said $150 before.

I am distraught by their behavior and would like you to advise me and take appropriate action against them.

Please reply back to me.


Sorabh Garg
Graduate Assistant
Financial Aid Department
Polytechnic Institute of New York University
+91 98211 36244
[email protected]

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