Cheated by Tata Swtch

Location/place: Ahmedabad

Hello Sir,

I brought Tata Swtch after looking at the Advertisement on Website. I called them first to inquire about the product where I get satisfactory answers but when I purchase the product, it is functioning completely opposite than what they said on Phone or what they write in them advertisements.

In all advertisements it says the purifier contains 9 liter + 9 liter = 18 liter of water at anytime. However, actual product accommodate just 9 liter at bottom container while top container needs to empty all the time otherwise it start leaking from top. This gives the device actual capacity of 9 liter rather than 18 liter what they says in advertise.

When I asked for explanation, they could not answer me properly. I tried to return the device however they refuse to take it back.

I don;t know what should I do. I hope Consumer-Forum would help me to settle down the fraud of such big companies.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (0) 8000702804


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