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My wife’s transaction code is 120808CS625071 and we paid for fast forward services in Chandigarh region and every day we get an email from job mail telling us that no jobs have been found and its been a month since i paid for the same and I have not received a single job opportunity through Naukri as of yet … i am tired of calling you folks because all u give excuses asking us to change things , which actually never get changed at the back end and we end up getting excuses for the same and they say that we are working on it and also they ask us to change the job region , although at the time of purchase I specifically mentioned that my wife needs a job in Chandigarh region and then there is nothing that has come our way …When we were mislead and sold this fast forward services the sales guy named Abhishek specifically said that we will get 3-4 job option in Chandigarh region each week and there has been none so far ,,,, every morning i get up and see and email from u telling us that no jobs were found .. and there are no SMS ‘s for the same as well. i have sent so many emails again with the same reply that people are working on it … i have already lost 1 month with no job opportunities from u people at all and now i do not have any expectations from u people and I am very annoyed with the same… this is the last time i am writing about this … Thank you for everything.

Abhinav Anand on behalf of Deepinder kaur.

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