Careless of the company service

Location/place: Ballabgarh

Name of company/service: A one Motors hyundai authorized dealer

My name is Ankit Sharma.My car registeration number is HR29 U 5280( I 10 1.2).I gave my car to A ONE DEALER BALLABGARH for service on 7th june.I told them that there is some problem in stering or in suspension because it makes sound on rotating time of stering. They replied that your radiator support stand has been broken due to which it is making sound.I denied to change at that time .I said that i will change in next week.But, on 9th june when i was taking a turn suddenly sound gone high and my car jammed at late night .After facing so many problem in the morning i took my car back to AONE MOTORS .They were saying that AXEL has been broken.I asked him that if there was problem in the AXEL why didnt u repared .they replied that that was not a sound of AXEL ,it was a sound of the RADIADTOR SUPPORT STAND.Now,after installing AXEL IN MY CAR ,there is not a pin drop noise.Due to the careless of the AONE MOTORS i suffered alot in the late night with my family and childrens.i spend couple of hours in the car with my family .Now they are demanding Rs 7324

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