Blocking of CUG cell No and issuing the same to Army Organisation

Location/place: Srinagar

Name of company/service: IRCON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED

CUG cell number 9596141511 issued to IRCON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED for their Srinagar project unit was all of a sudden blocked & the services terminated by AIRTEL on 15.09.10 mentioning through an SMS that the documents are not in order. Further, on 07.10.10, it is learnt that the same cell number is alloted to an Army organisation without prior consent of IRCON. Now AIRTEL is not providing us the earlier CUG number 9596141511 despite being a group number taken by IRCON for their company which is ciculated throught India among various projects.AIRTEL shall be fully held responsible for this act and shall be taken up under the law.


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