Location/place: Kharagpur

Name of company/service: BSNL

I have complained to BSNL service center for anomaly in billing on 24.02.2010 but they have not answered and also they are not disconnecting my broad band what to do now?
en closer copy of the complain.
thanking you
[email protected]
Mobile. 9434987177


Sub:- Anomaly in Billing.

I have registered for Broad Band connection on 22.01.2009 for Home Plan UL 750 and opted for annual mode payment as per your promotional scheme of 20% rebate for Govt. Employee.
On my first bill for Broad Band Which I have paid on 08.04.2009 is of Rs 10313 (Fixed Broad Band charge Rs 7500, Broad Band deposit Rs 750, Modem price +tax Rs 1000 and other taxes).
On subsequent bill (Last date for submission is 26.02.2010 ) the same error is made.
Now, my question is – I) How much amount is to be paid for 20% discount Home Plan UL 750 on annual mode. II) Why bi-monthly billing system changed to monthly billing system while advance payment is made. III) If 20% discount on Home Plan UL 750 is not available for annual payment mode then why registration is being made.
If answer to my query is not made within 15.03.2010 please disconnect the Broad band connection.
Expecting few lines from your end.
Thanking you,
Dt. 24.02.2010 Yours faithfully,
Encl. Copy of registration
Copy of Bill paid (R.N.Mahapatra)
Copy of Bill not paid Vidyasagarpur, Inda
Tel.No. 225362


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