Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: COUNTRY CLUB

Dear Management,

Cursing that momentum when I opted for country club membership through Mr. Ritesh Khanna ( DELHI ) on dated 30th Dec 2010 and paid Rs. 40000/- in one go as a membership fee

Kind of response and commitment he rendered me I’d say it’s pathetic and my experience shocked to see same kind of response from DGM level person Mr. Radha Krishan ( DELHI ). He is also an unreliable person and my experience from both guys says that not only they are ruining the organizations reputation but also playing with emotions of customers who are sparing their hard earned money for pleasure but now virtually our dreams are shattered with this association when we see our hard earned money is just flowing in to drain in front of our eye.

Please see my details – Membership No CC01DEL5L1994 ( Blue Session ) Receipt No DEL 3550 dated 31.12.2010 on the name of KAMAL MEHTA. This was processed on 25.10.2010.

Sequence of unpleasant moments.

1. Several follow ups done to get the confirmation of Celina Jeitly event at Faridabad club, It was committed that delivery of passes will be made at my house, But didn’t happened, No issue we collected from the entrance gate at the time of event.

2. It was communicated to me that once form will be logged in I’d get a welcome call – You would be surprised to know till 30 days haven’t received any welcome call / mail / letter stating confirmation and providing acquaintance about events / property.

3. Membership was offered under scheme having “ Family trip to Dubai for 4days / 3ninghts “. But as on date more than 45 days had been passed but no call and no confirmation mail.

4. Regarding 31st event, It was communicated to us that this would be an superb event, keeping all amenities and luxuries in mind, But in realities I was looking like an unorganized event as lot of outsiders were enjoying the same moment without membership. May be security lapse or done favors to outsiders. Would be surprised to know that we could not have dinners as it was over crowded, so moved out and dinner somewhere else.

5. Approx a month spend on follow up to get the receipts for the payment made and to get the membership card that was a horrible experience, because it happened when follow up made with Mr. Radha and narrated the whole story and he assured me that he will get back to me on family trip to Dubai.

6. It was reminded to Mr. Radha also several times, But he also shown a casual attitude and it seems they are interested till forms are logged in and money from the customer is collected.

7. In last One and half month after enrollment with country club, Not received any up date what’s happening or what events they have scheduled for year.

Keeping the brand image of country club in mind not only I’ve opted for that but also given reference of my friend, One of than Mr.RAVI RAJ enrolled immediately. For remaining I told them hold for some time. Unfortunately, Mr. RAVI is also struggling to get best out of this. He will also share his pain with you

We opted to enjoy our life with Country club, But expressing with pain of follow up rather than exploring / venturing out events or pleasure trip with Country clubs.

I also know company with this big brand may not be having malicious intents, but it’s may be staff cheating customers. Requesting you to please look in to the matter revert within 3 days to sort the matter or refund Rs. 40000/- on account of inefficiencies and wrong commitments rendered.

Your most dissatisfied customer.

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