Bharat Gas disributions system misuse

Location/place: Aurangabad

Name of company/service: Bharat gas agency

In eavery gas agencies in aurangabad maharashtra one rule for the conusmers strictly applied by the gas agencies that fresh gas cylcneder booking is after the 21 days of first booking.
This rule is not available in authorised format wrriten in any gas agencies.

What is that exact rule in nobody understand.

Whether this rule is for booking of the gas cylender is after 21 days of the dilivery of the first gas cylinder or
The fresh booking of the cylinder is after he 21 days of first gas cylinder booking

Venkatesh Bharat gas agencies in aurangabad are always follows the first rule that after 21 days of the dilivery of the first gas cylinder they are taking the next cylender booking.

Means after booking they are taking the time to del;iver the cylinder about 10 days = 21 days after delivery +10 days for the actual delivery=31 days required for the customer to wait

So goverment has to be clarify the things and same to applicable for the all states

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